Preparing a Turkey for Deep Frying

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn how to prep a whole turkey before deep frying.

    Michael Hedrick

    Mike Hedrick was born on the banks of the New River on the North Carolina Coast. He grew up on BBQ and Pulled Pork was some of his first solid food. After years of growing up as a country boy camping and cooking Mike began Grilling and Barbecuing. After years of cooking for family and friend Mike began his ongoing passion to make the best barbecue in the world. In his first season on the National Barbecue Competition Circuit Mike's Pit Pirate BBQ Team had an amazing Three Top 10's and a 3rd Place Overall Pork at the National Capital Barbecue Battle on Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. Mike is now the proud Owner/Chef of Pit Pirate BBQ and does Catering from 50 to 500 and also Concession Sales and is currently looking for a Restaurant location. Knowing that serving is more than food Mike organized "Operation BBQ for Our Troops: Walter Reed and collected up donations and and got other BBQ Teams to come and feed 500 of the wounded Soldiers and their Caregivers. When asked by the Assistant Secretary of Defense Health Affairs why he would go to such efforts Mike said “That sir. Seeing the smiles on their faces…the lord says to go and serve, and BBQ is just what I do.”

    Hi guys, Mike Hedrick, Pit Pirate Barbecue. Today, we are talking turkey and right now it is time to get this turkey prepped up. Any time you messing with raw meats, especially raw chickens and stuff, food safety is got to be paramount. You want to make sure, you keep every thing wipe down and sanitized; pull rocks your other different cleaning sanitizing products really good. I have really liked latex gloves; not only are they safe and fun or whatever, but hey! You can have other fun with them too; lot of fun. What we did is, because we are going to go ahead and put this turkey into the deep-frier, we know that that deep-fryer is going to be begone at about 350 degrees; some thing like that and we know that water blows that I believe it is 230 degree. So, we had our paper towels and we wipe down that turkey as much as we could; get all the water out of the inside of it and the outside of it. So, all I am going to do right now, go ahead and put a little bit of salt. Oh! Actually, it is pepper. Throw on some salt, throw on a little bit about Pit Pirate rub there, but really, it is just paprikas and some garlic and onion powders and a few seasonings like that. We now go ahead and do the both sides; we got a bunch of pepper on here. Got remember, some of this is going to get knocked off with all that oil beating around, so you could be a little bit liberal with it and not have to worry about over doing it. We want to go then inject this one here. A turkey really does stay moist in the deep-fryer or in the Big Easy, but later there is a trend to have a little bit more extra flavor; it kind of juice it up, it kind of make a little bit more. We are going to go ahead and use a creal butter. one of our viewers down there in Boston Ruche sent to me some products and that was really nice to him and I appreciate that guy and you can always get in touch with me with all the information that you see on our page, but he sent me some creal injections and it is mainly a lot of butter and great creal seasonings. So, we are going to go ahead and get our injector filled up. Remember, any time you are messing with this; touching raw meats, when we get done with this, we want to make sure, we get that cleaned up and we do not want to use it on any thing a little bit. I like as few punctures in meat as possible; any where, where juices can go in; hey! Juices can come out. So, what you are going to see is, I am going to go ahead on this one breast. I am going to go ahead and make a puncture all the way down into this part and I am going to squeeze a little bit as I back it up. You can see, that is coming out of that hole a bit. I am going to use that same hole and go in this direction; give a little bit in to there as I am pulling it back out; use that same hole and go deep into the breast and again, just given a little bit of a squeeze and you could see it pumping up in there. When to come to the other side; go down to the lower area; get a squeeze in that way. Using the same hole go to the middle of the breast, get some in there. Hey! We got to get a little bit more here in, because we are using, that ended up guys. This is a 12 pound turkey, so we are not going to be afraid to use probably about a quarter cup or so. Use that same hole; go back into the breast, this way. You can see it, pumping it up in there real good. I like come in from the back end of the breast and get some in that way. And you can see, it is filling up and you need to get some into the drums; both sides of that drum. Some is going to bite it on one side; one is going to be crealed, other side just going to be great turkey in there. So, you want to kind of even them out. Then we go ahead and get a little bit more, so we have enough for this other big drum. Stick him in the drum, again, squeeze him as you pull him out in side of the drum, in there, little bit in that thigh, little bit in that thigh. You know what, that thing is ready for cooking. So, having insert that, it is time to go ahead and get these things; both in to the deep-fryer with the oil and into the Big Easy without the oil. So, here we go guys.