Preparing Beef Tenderloin Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef John Conway demonstrates how to make a traditional Irish beef stew, including his top tips for preparing beef tenderloin.

    Hi, my name is John Conway. I am the chef at the Old Brogue Irish Pub and Restaurant in Great Falls of Northern Virginia. We are here today to prepare a traditional Irish beef stew. So, we are going to get started now and we are going to start preparing the beef tenderloin tips.

    So, I have a boning knife. Also remember that I always like to wear a glove when I am preparing beef and as you can see we are using a red board as we do not to cross any contamination with any fruits or vegetables and so on. So, I have here some beef tenderloin tips. You can get them at your local grocery store and we are just going to dice them up into nice bite sizes because we are going to be braising them. You can also use another kind of beef which will be a stewing beef, a top round or a top butt which can also be purchased at your local grocery store. Also, another Irish tradition would be a traditional Irish lamb stew which is also prepared in Orlands and so, we are just going to get the meat here and we are going to just dice it up and then we are going to start braising it. We are going to braise it in a very hot skillet pan, nice and brown on both sides, seasoned with salt and pepper and roasted garlic and then we will be adding this to our stewing pot which I will show you. So, I think that is enough of that. Everything seems to be good here. So, we are going to transfer this in here. So, that is the preparation on the beef and now we are going to start preparing our vegetables.