Preparing Supplies for the Cat Show

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Susan Cook Henry of the Cat Fanciers’ Association talks to us about preparing supplies for the cat show.

    Susan Cook Henry: I'm Susan Cook Henry. I represent the The Cat Fanciers' Association and I'm going to teaching you about how to show a cat. Now we are going to be talking about preparing supplies for the cat show. There are a number of things that you are going to need to get organized. First and foremost, the cat's grooming equipment.

    There are a couple of different options you have for grooming tools; a cosmetic bag with several compartments works really, really well for the storage of combs and for the CleanX, brushes, any eye-wash, cotton balls, there is also the option using a case, the train case, a travel case for organizing of grooming supplies. Of course, you are going to need to take along your cat's food, dry food or can food, a bowl for the food, a bowl for the water, either a bowl like this for a Persian or a regular bowl for any other breed of cat. Water from your house, tap water or bottled water for the cat safety for sure. Any other grooming supplies and co-preparations can easily be packed into a larger case. Treats, special treats that your cat likes for after judging; always a good idea to have that as well. Make sure you have an extra supply of paper towels to take along. It's always a good idea to have these for the road for those occasional accidents.

    Make sure that you have a litter. Litter is available at the show. You are required to bring your own litter box. However, if you choose to take your own litter you can easily do that as well. A duffel bag; a large duffel bag that can easily contains all of these items. It's a good idea to have as a carry all. And of course you are going to need to have a carrier for your cat. We have talked about the carrier already. Make sure that the bedding is clean and if necessary that the carrier is large enough to accommodate both the cat and a litter box for a longer trip.

    In order to make all of these easier to carry, you may wish to get these luggage transports are inexpensive and really help save a lot of trips back and forth. You will also want to have a small grooming table. The table is very necessary for preparing your cat to go to the ring. You will also need to pack your cage drapes. The cage drapes will be made to fit your cage. The dimensions are described usually on the entry information. So make sure that when you are shopping for material for your drapes, that you know the dimensions of your cage. Next, we will be talking about the morning of a show.