Preparing the Squash for the Oven

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chefs Rob Carson and Paolo Buffa demonstrate how to prepare the squash for the oven.

    Rob Carson: Once again my name is Rob Carson. I have Paolo Buffa from Bice Ristorante in Bethesda also worldwide Italian restaurant chain of great restaurants. He is in my kitchen today and we are making roasted squash with risotto and shrimp, excellent. Now we have cut our squash, let's prepare it and give it ready to put in the oven. Paolo Buffa: So we start with a little bit of salt.

    Rob Carson: Now this is a hibiscus salt, Flor de Sal. A lot of people if you don't know there are different salts for different things and you it makes a world of difference. Never use iodized salt, that's for your sidewalk. Paolo Buffa: No never no. Rob Carson: So anyway we got Flor de Sal, now what else?

    Paolo Buffa: Okay then little bit of fresh pepper, not too much. Then what I like to do, I like to put a little piece of butter inside. Yeah, right there and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, just a touch, yeah a little bit. Once we do that, you are going to put the lid back on which kind of close it, then we can find the match, right there. Then I would like to cook my squash in the foil paper so. In the foil, on the metal foil so --Rob Carson: To keep the moisture. Paolo Buffa: Absolutely. So you want to pick it and close it this way. That's easy, fold it so it doesn't break, very gentle, you can break this part, turn it. Rob Carson: So not too tight. You are leaving some -- Paolo Buffa: Not too tight. You need steam. Rob Carson: Got it.

    Paolo Buffa: The squash needs to generate steam and cook in it's own juice. Rob Carson: Now you can cook this on a baking sheet. Today we where we use -- Paolo Buffa: A nice creuset. Rob Carson: A nice creuset. Paolo Buffa: That's one of the things that I like. Rob Carson: I love this creuset. It's beautiful. Paolo Buffa: See, it fits right perfectly. Okay lid back on and we are going to put this in the oven for about 45 minutes at 350.

    Rob Carson: So I'll just go ahead and take in our oven.

    Paolo Buffa: Yes, alright. Let's go.