Preparing Vegetables for Guac’ of Ages

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Radio personality and gourmet cook Rob Carson shows how to prep the vegetables for the “guac of ages”.

    Rob Carson: Alright, once again my name is Carson. I am a radio personality also a gourmet cook; also I guess you can call me a foodie. I don't mind if you call me that. We are making Guac of Ages. What I am going to show you right now is how to prepare your veggies, one of the big things when it comes to avocados and jalapeno for me is not wasting any of it; because avocados are expensive. So I am going to show you how to prepare these without wasting a lot of them and getting it done fairly quickly.

    What normally people do when they cut avocados is they scour all the way around the pit, spilt it and then scrape out the insides. You may need to do that if you are going to be serving it in slices for salads or perhaps in a sandwich. Today, I am going to make a mess out of them. So what I am going to do is cut all the way around barely getting to the flesh of the avocado then I am going to scour either side and look at this, there you go.

    See how easy that comes off? You are not wasting a lot of avocado, there is a little stuck on there, this one is a little bit ripe, but there you go. See most of the avocado stays right there. We will drop it right in the bowl. I will go ahead and scrape this off of here. Now when you are choosing an avocado do not go too ripe with your avocados, alright. You want to buy an avocado that has a nice color. You do not want it to be black and you want it to have a little bit of give. If you push on it and your finger goes through the peel throw in the garbage because it is over-ripe. Nobody likes over-ripe avocados. a) They don't taste as good and b) They are black and they look horrible. They make your Guac look awful. Next I am going to do the jalapeno pepper. It's a nice, big, fresh jalapeno pepper you want it to be crisp. First thing I am going to do is I am going to cut the end off. Next thing I am going to do is cut right down the middle. Next thing I am going to do is take my knife and just go like this, get those seeds out of there. You are not wasting a lot of the pepper and it's not really an elaborate approach to peeling a jalapeno pepper, it gets the job done, there you go. Get those seeds out of there. They say that the seeds have all the heat and I just do not like seeds in my guacamole. There we are. Next I am going to take my rocker knife and I am just going to cut lengthwise. You will notice I keep my fingers down just in case I get hit by the knife, it will come right off my fingernails and it won't cut the fingers. I learned that from a good buddy of mine who is a chef is that you cut square and it's a great tip. So next, I am going to just cut in and chop these up pretty finely.

    There you go, we will go ahead and chop them up just a little bit more. Now for those who are afraid of heat the jalapeno is hot, however, when it's in guacamole you don't really notice it as much. It adds flavor. My mom used to always say that guacamole is good for putting out the fire of a chili pepper and I guess, there is some truth in that because you don't really notice them in the Guac.

    There we go, one whole jalapeno. Can you hear how crisp that is? Such a good one, it's a big one too, chopping up just a little bit more. Get to know your rocker knife, get to know your chef's knife. There is a lot of ways you can use it, but when you are chopping veggies it just makes it so much easier and I even forego a food processor a lot of the times because when you get good with a rocker knife for some things you just don't need the food processor. There you go, there is your jalapeno.

    Alright, I will also show you a technique for cutting up the onion as well while we are at it, while we are doing a little tutorial on cutting and peel the onion, there you go. I am going to go ahead and get this little spot off of here and here is one way you can do it. I have seen Rachael Ray do this; I have seen a lot of chefs do this. What they will do is they will cut most of the way through the onion so it still holds together just going and doing that, scouring it almost all the way through. It's still an onion and then you go like this. I am not rocking the knife because the onion is so high and there you go. I am going to chop up the end, there you go. Isn't that pretty fast? Alright, so we have prepared our veggies pretty much. Now, we are going to take the avocados and we are going to crush them up really well and then we are going to add our ingredients and make Guac of Ages.

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