Prepping the Skin for Bollywood Makeup Application

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Susy Young demonstrates how to prepare the skin for Bollywood makeup application.

    Susy Young: Hi! I am Susy at Pink Karma Salon. Today, we will be doing Bollywood make-up and this is my lovely model Alison.

    First of all, we will begin by prepping the skin with All Sensitive cleanser. Its important to prep the skin while doing make-up. You want to massage into the skin to remove any debris. It creates a perfect canvas. Gently remove cleanser with a tissue and then you will tone the skin.

    Toning the skin turns the cleanser off from its working. Apply toner with tissue. Next thing, we will moisturize the skin with All Sensitive moisturizer. Its important to moisturize the skin in order to allow absorption of foundation and powder.

    Now that we have cleansed the face, coming up next, we will show you how to apply the make-up.