Preserving and Lighting The Perfect Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Extreme Pumpkins creator Tom Nardone shares his tips for pumpkin preservation and lightning.

    Tom Nardone: It's October, time to talk about pumpkins. Recently I did a study of 14 different pumpkin preservatives, things that you probably have around the house and the thing that made the pumpkin last the longest was this, bathroom cleaner with bleach in it. Seem to keep the mold, bugs and squirrels away from the pumpkin the longest. I spray the entire pumpkin all the cut areas inside and outside, and this method will let your pumpkin last for about twice as long as an untreated pumpkin. So, it's Halloween night and you want to light your pumpkin. Most people use Tea candles like these. Here is a tip, I am not going to light them in this way, because that makes the flame go up on my hand. So little safety tip is, light them from the mouth, a long match is a necessity here, you don't want to have to explain to your friends that you burned yourself on tea candle, it's embarrassing. A windy Halloween night might blow out your candle, what do you do? Take an empty tuna can, put your tea candle inside there and that should keep the wind off of it. What if it doesn't burn bright enough? If it's not burning bright enough it might lack air. Cut vent holes in the bottom, back, and the back top of your pumpkin, to let more air in, to let that candle burn bright. So there we go, some great Halloween pumpkin carving tips. Happy Halloween!