Preserving & Disposing of your Cannibal Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pumpkin Carving Expert Tom Nardone discusses preserving & disposing of your cannibal pumpkin.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! This is Tom from ExtremePumpkins.

    com. We put a lot of time and energy into this Cannibal Pumpkin, and it looks amazing. But we're going to push it over the top.

    I've carved two small pumpkins that are mourning the loss of their little friend. So this one's even got a tear made out of the pumpkin seed. And then this one is a little bigger, silly two. Alright, now you got a pumpkin presentation to make your porch proud.

    So how do you want to keep it the longest? Well, I'm going to give you a tip there too. This is Tom's special pumpkin preservation technique. I use bathroom cleaner that has bleach in it. Don't care what brand you buy, just make sure it's got some bleach and some nasty chemicals in there.

    Spray all over, any surface you cut, all over the inside, anywhere where there may have been seeds, just keep spraying it. This process will get your pumpkins to last about twice as long as if they weren't treated. How do I know? I did an entire study with 14 different treatments, to find out which one last the longest. And bathroom cleaner with bleach did it.

    So spray it all down and in a cold climate, you probably get 7 days or so, out of this process. So that's a long time, to keep your pumpkin masterpiece.

    Hey! I got one for you. What you would do with your 100 pounds of rotten pumpkin? Oh, it's not a joke or anything. I'm going to tell you what to do with a 100 pounds of rotten pumpkin.

    When I got my first giant pumpkin, I was so happy with it, that I left it on the porch for far too long. It became soft and mushy. I decided to haul that pumpkin into a trash barrel and leave it at the curb. But when the trash guy got there, he was not in the mood, to lift a 150 pound pumpkin in a trash barrel, into the truck.

    Well 7 days later, I had to act, once again and try to get that pumpkin disposed off. But by that time it was so mushy, that when I reach into the barrel to sub divide it into trash bags, my hands just slip through it and the rotten, stinky, pumpkin goo, was everywhere. It was not a pleasant experience my friends. And you should not have to repeat this.

    So if I were you, what I would do, is before my pumpkin became too rotten, I would divide it into maybe 4 pieces. I would take those 4 pieces, and put them individually in trash bags, and leave them at a reasonable weight for the trash man to take them away.

    Also, before I put this pumpkin on my porch, I would line the porch with a trash bag, so that if it was so mushy, that when you lifted it some pieces did not come along for the ride. You would then just lift the trash bag and take those two to the trash station.

    My friends, I offer you this advice, because I learned the lesson in the hard way and I hope you don't have to. In return, maybe you'll see my book in the bookstore, and pick one up. Thanks a lot.