Pressure Washing – Starting the Pressure Washer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Maintenance Expert Steve Chapman discusses starting the pressure washer when pressure washing your home.

    Steve Chapman: Hi! I am Steve Chapman with washmydeck.

    com and Elite Pressure Cleaning. Today, we are talking about how to pressure wash the exterior of your home. In this segment, we are talking about how to start a machine. The first step in starting the machine is hooking your garden hose up to the pressure washer. Next step is unlacing the coupler on the pressure washing hose and inserting the coupler inside the machine. The next step is hooking the pressure washing gun up to the pressure washing hose. This is also done by releasing a coupler and inserting it. The next step is turning on the water from your house. Then squeeze the trigger on the gun to ensure water is properly coming out.

    Then turn the pressure washing machine to the on position. At the same time holding the gun to release the pressure from the water and pull the pull string on the machine. The machine should start and you should start feeling the pressure from the pressure washing gun. Then you are ready to begin.