Pressure Washing – Visual Inspection

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Maintenance Expert Steve Chapman describes giving a visual inspection for a pressure wash.

    Steve Chapman: Hi! My name is Steve Chapman with Elite Pressure Cleaning and washmydeck.

    com. Today, we are going to be taking about pressure washing the exterior of your home. Right now, we are going to talk about doing the visual inspection of the home.

    The first step as you are walking around the house, you are looking mold, mildew, dirt and dust. I start at the very top and work my way down, lift my eyes. Roof lane has some mold and mildew and also some mold on the roofing there.

    Generally, two sides of your house are dirty and two sides are more clean. Generally, the north side of your home is the dirtiest but if you have a lot of trees. There is a tree situated right here. So you have that constant shade that has trapped the moisture in and left mold and mildew there on. Generally, any areas that are in the shade will have black mold growing. Your gutters may have black lines from run off. That can also be cleaned. Primarily, the areas that are the dirtiest, as I said before, are on the north side, but on the ease of your house you will see green growing along the sides and black growing around your -- where you may have an attic fan.

    So that's ends out the visual inspection of the house. Next step we are going to be talking about safety.