Pro Athlete Training – Squats

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Donna Wilkinson, a linebacker for the world champion Womens Professional Football Team, demonstrates how to do a squat.

    Donna Wilkinson

    Donna Wilkinson is a Professional Football Player, successful Entrepreneur and a Leading Edge Wellness Consultant. Known as “The Animal,” Donna has been a dominant force on the D.C. Divas Women’s Professional Football Team for the past seven years. Over these seven years Donna has played Defensive End, Fullback, Running Back, Linebacker, Tight End, and Punter. Donna is the 1st woman in league history to rush for over 1000 yards in a season, and led the NWFA in rushing in 2003 with 1,267 yards in 10 games and was the Divas offensive MVP. Donna has led the Divas to 5 straight Division Titles, 4 straight Undefeated Regular Seasons and 1 World Championship! She has been an NWFA All-Star and a Divas Team Captain. In 2003 Donna became the 1st Female in history to win the Washington Pig Skin Club “John W. Posey” Award - professional athlete of the year - also awarded to Jeremiah Trotter, Lavernues Coles, Todd Heap and Ed Reed. Donna engages in earning multiple streams of income. She works with people who are attracting greater prosperity into their lives, and those who want to achieve balance in the Five Pillars of Health (mind, body, family, society & finances). Donna has B.S. degrees in Business Administration and Health Fitness Management from Columbia Union College, and uses a variety of tools including the “Certified Wellness Home” program, the Nightingale/Conant “Lead the Field” program, Breakthrough Wellness Technologies, and her Personal Training background to help people achieve life success.

    Donna Wilkinson: This is Donna Wilkinson, linebacker for the Womens Professional Football Team, the world champion D.

    C. Divas. We are now going to go into our lower body strengthening and conditioning program.

    Now, first off, we are just going to start with a very basic exercise, most of you have seen this before, its just going to be a basic squat. Now, what I am going to have you do, is get your feet nice and shoulder width apart. Toes both facing forward, I am going to put arms out in front, lock arms nice and straight, head facing forward and we are just going to sit down like, we are sitting down on a chair, nice deep, nice comfortable, try to push back, keep the weight in the heels of your feet. We are just going to sit down nice, squeeze at the bottom, push yourself through. Get these for a nice set of ten, get those squats nice and warmed up. Make sure you are on the heels of your feet, not pushing out over your toes. Keep those arms extended all the way out, really sit into it and squeeze out of it. Good. Next, we are going to move into our lunge, very basic movement. A number of different ways we can do lunges. Basic lunge that we are going to do is take a nice step forward, keys on this is that you want to make sure your knee does not push out over your toes, so you want to get a deep enough and long enough stretch, so you can sit right down into it. Now, in this lunge, we are just going to push yourself straight back, so we are going to alternate sitting down, and pushing back. You got to make sure that you get that nice neat angle, keeping your body and your core nice and tight as you are sitting down, and then as you push off really explode back and push back to your stance, when you get ten on each leg. Back knee come, just an inch or so off the ground, really make sure that you bend that back knee and relax yourself into it. Squeeze those abs, keep everything nice and tight, strive it back. So thats a nice way, an adaption you can do lunges. You can also do lunges walking if you prefer, just to walk in a straight line, while doing those lunges.

    Our next lower body exercise is going to be a split squat. Now, this is simply done using a chair, some sort of stable surface that you can put your back foot back upon. So, I am going to get my back foot up here on this box. I want to make sure, we get on this one that I have got my foot out far enough that I am not putting any strain on my knee. Really on this one, you got to really focus on keeping your core tight, keeping your back straight, like sit down and as deep as you can and really feeling the stretch here, feeling the pressure on your front quad standing up. So, were just going to get ten on each leg. Sitting down, keeping that coordination tight, standing up as strong as you can. Really feeling the stretch in that back leg. Sitting down into it, controlling it, and then we will switch.

    Nice solid base, get that foot back, so we can get a nice stretch there. Sitting down, keeping that core nice and tight, and in that back leg right into it. Smile when you do it, makes it little bit easier, really squeezing that butt, feeling the stretch in that back leg, pressure in the front quad, no pressure in the knee. Good and thats split squat.