Professional Coaching – Joining a Professional Organization

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional coach Susan Samakow discusses the benefits and opportunities joining a membership organization for professional coaches affords individuals wanting to be a professional coach. This video series includes information on researching the coaching profession, acquiring training, joining a professional organization, and earning a credential.

    Susan Samakow: Hello! My name is Susan Samakow. I've worked as a professional coach for seven years.

    Today, I am going to talk to you about the benefits of membership in a professional organization for coaches. As with many professions there are several membership organizations that you can join when you decide to make the move to professional coaching for your career.

    The reasons to join an organization include professional development opportunities. Many organizations offer free or low cost training sessions, networking with other coaches and potential clients, organizations may have local chapters, conferences and other events to network with fellow coaches as well as people interested in being coached. Staying up-to-date on the profession, learn about research news and more. Leadership opportunities, most organizations have a variety of volunteer roles that members fill.

    Volunteering on a project that interests you can provide you with new friends and colleagues as well as give you a sense of personal satisfaction and other resources. Organizations may offer materials to help you market your coaching practice or resource partners to help you spend less on products and services you may need for your business.

    You can find a professional organization by asking for recommendations from local coaches or representatives from your coach training program or simply by searching on the internet. As a member of the International Coach Federation I have taken advantage of the opportunities to work with the local chapter and to serve on a global committee with coaches from all over the world in order to discuss and make recommendations on important issues facing the coaching profession.

    I enjoyed being part of the ICF as it has both the global and local presence. It allows me to be part of a community that's large enough to shape the profession of coaching through the establishments of standards and ethics while still offering the support of a local group of coaches in my area.

    Together with thousands of other coaches worldwide, I am helping to make a positive difference. After considering these benefits, I encourage you to join a membership organization for coaches.