Professional Coaching – Training

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional coach Susan Samakow discusses tips for selecting a coach specific training, and the importance of completing a program, should you be interested in becoming a professional coach. This video series includes information on researching the coaching profession, acquiring training, joining a professional organization, and earning a credential.

    Ed Modell: Hello! My name is Ed Modell. I've worked as a professional coach for eight years and I am a member of the International Coach Federation.

    I am going to discuss coach training with you now with something you'll need if you plan on being a professional coach. Many people become coaches after already having one or more careers. So they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills. Your background can help you as a professional coach. However, coaching is a distinct profession and it's important to acquire and practice the skills necessary by enrolling in a coach training program.

    There are varieties of coach training programs available to choose from. While you are researching programs, think about the following.

    How do you enjoy learning? Do you like to explore a theory and then practice or vice-versa? How and where do you want to receive your training; in person, online or a combination? You may decide to enroll in a program offered by a university or opt for an independent training school.

    What type of coaching will you focus on after training? Some programs may align better with your goals than others. How much can you invest financially and time wise? Programs vary greatly in cost and time commitment require. Of course, an internet search will return more than enough programs for you to consider. Use your preferences to help select a manageable number of programs to compare.

    You can also visit sites such as coachfederation.

    org to see a list of training programs that have been accredited or approved by the International Coach Federation. Attending an ICF recognized program will help to ensure that you receive well rounded training and education, benefit from working with the mentor coach, and accumulate practice coaching hours.

    You may also want to connect with local coaches in your area to see if they can recommend the training program. If you know a coach, ask them about their coach training experiences or you can connect with your local ICF Chapter and talk to local coaches about the programs they have attended.

    Good luck selecting a training option as you move along the path to becoming a professional coach.