Professional Salmon Prep Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bobby Varua demonstrates how to efficiently de-skin, de-bone and portion a salmon.

    Bobby Varua: I am going to show how to break down a salmon and I am just going to go through a little bit on how to clean it down before you start portioning it. All right, so let's get started. We are going to take the fish, we are going to look for the bones, there are about 20 bones in here on the fillet, always want to start by the head. We are going to click each one out, don't want to serve your guest a piece of salmon with bone on it; it's not going to be too pleasant. You can buy yourself a good pair chef tweezers at any supermarket or if you can't find it in the supermarket, you can ask your local fishmonger, I am sure they can lend you one or you can buy one from them, always feeling with your finger and going through the whole entire fish. Once the bones are out, we are going to take our knife at the bottom of the tail; we are going to make a small incision just like that. Now we are going to run it right across the salmon, always making sure that the knife is kind of on an 8 to 9 degree angle towards the cutting board. If you to go too high you are just going to go swiping into the fish, if you go too low, you are going to right into the skin and you are going to take the skin off. I like to hold the end of the fish with a towel for safety. Holding a knife at an angle and we are going to run it right across the salmon, and that's why its really important to have a sharp knife, that's a nice salmon skin right over here, make a nice shoe out of it, may be a pair of boots. All right beautiful! I am just going to show you how to portion this out. We would like to do anywhere between 6 and 7 ounces of fish, and we are going to spot about 6 ounces. I always use about 4 finger lengths, and we are just going to butcher just like that, and again, if you have any friends who play football, you might have to go a little bit bigger. Some nice salmon here, 8/9 fillets, that's it!