Professional Snowboard Waxing Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Snowboarding is a popular winter activity, but it’s important to properly maintain your snowboard.

    Phil Donovan: So when you are getting ready to go out and ride, you want to make sure you have your snowboard waxed. If you are going to do it at home, you need to know you need certain special items. Base cleaner to clean the base of the board before you get started, so that it's ready to receive the wax. You are going to need a waxing iron which is different than your mother's cloths iron and don't use that. You are going to scrappers, they come in various different shapes and sizes and you are going to need a structure brush. And ultimately you are going to need your wax which we will talk about how to select your wax in more detail later.

    You need a designated area because it's a very messy process. Wax your snowboard at least every 2-3 days of riding, no wax job is good for more than a day or so of riding, especially in the Eastern condition if you are going to be riding East Coast you want to wax your board at least every third day.

    I get asked a lot about wax, we use a universal wax, it works well in all condition, unless you are racing you are not really going to know the difference. If you are racing or you do know exactly when and where you are going and what the temperatures are going to be you can tailor your wax jobs to the conditions.

    One of the reasons you have to wax the board and then brush the board is to create structure in that wax, so there is not a flat surface which will in fact form an occlusive seal with the water.

    Snowboard actually rides on a micro surface of water, the heat from the friction of the board across the top of the snow along with the weight; melt the surface of the snow on a molecular level so you are actually sliding on water that you are refreezing as fast as you pass over it.

    If the base of the board is perfectly flat, it will stick to the snow and it won't run properly. All right, so as you go out and ride this season, keep your equipment waxed, wax it often, every 2-3 days of riding and don't forget to wax your board at the end of the season for storage.