Prom Etiquette

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Etiquette Expert Elaine Swann will give you tips on etiquette before prom, at dinner and at the actual dance.

    Elaine Swann: Hi! I am Elaine Swann with Everyday Style. Today we are going to talk about prom etiquette. Its that time of year, where both the guys and girls get all dolled up and turn into princes and princesses for the evening. But before you get started, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

    I have been researching and teaching etiquette for well, over a decade now, to individuals, businesses and organizations. Its my goal to help people here, in the 21st century do everything with grace and style.

    Now onto prom etiquette. First thing, you want to think about, is asking out that date. Dont wait when it comes to finding your date. If you are thinking about, who you want to take to the prom, ask as early as possibly. This way your date can get ready, you can get ready and also the parents can get ready and get all prepared for their prom.

    Now if you decide that you dont want to go out on a date and you want to go out with an all girl or an all guy date, there is no problem with that. Having fun with your friends for prom, is a great thing to do.

    Next tip, proper prom attire. Keep in mind that you are setting history here. You dont want to take a look at a photo album, years from now and see yourself in some sort of video wicks in costume or may be even the guys, looking like something that's sort of Halloween. Be sure that you wear, what I call, age appropriate clothing; not too adult and not too driven out either. Keep in mind that mini schools have a dress code. So if you just abide by the schools dress code, you'll do fine and have a great time.

    Should you buy a corsage or boutonniere? Absolutely, its wonderful and an awesome gesture for a young man to bring a young lady a corsage. Now when you pick this corsage, try to find out what she is wearing. They have two different types; one is for the wrist and one can be pinned on her lapel. This depends on what she is wearing that day and ladies it is a good idea for you to buy a boutonnire for your date as well.

    When its time to meet the parents, make sure that you make proper use of the English language. Be polite, say please and thank you, all those kind of phrases, go along way. Gentlemen when you are out in a bout, make sure that you open the door for the girls and when you are in the limo, its not just for safety sake, but also for manners sake as well. Keep all your limbs, arms and legs and head inside the limousine.

    Now for the girls, allow the young men to open the door for you and treat you like a lady. This is your night to be a princess. Now before you get to the actual dance itself, you will probably take your date out to dinner. For the gentlemen, make sure you do just that; be a gentleman. Hold the chair out for your date, so she can have her seat and allow your date to order first.

    Now, everyone at the table, this is guys and girls, be sure that you practice proper table manners. Put that napkin on the lap and be sure that you use this silver wear, all of it. A lot of times we see those two fourths or sometimes even three and we dont know, where to start, just start from the outside and work your way in as you go from course to course.

    And finally, have fun and be safe, keep your curfew and no underage drinking. Its against the law and it could save your life. Your parents love you; they want you to have a good time. But most of all they want you home safe and sound. So enjoy your prom, this year.