Prom Hairstyles – Competing the Curly Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Robin Harmon discusses completing the curly look for prom.

    Robin Lee Harmon: Hi! I am Robin Lee Harmon with Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar. Today, I am sharing with you some looks for prom this season. This is our third look, its curly hair and it is worn down. It is a very simple style for girls with naturally curly hair or for hair that has been set with a curling iron or hot rollers.

    So we are going to go ahead into our third look. What you do need is a hair spray, a good working spray and also a comb, and some hairpins, and possibly some hair accessories and a small curling iron to touch-up any curls that may have not fallen the way that we want them to for the final look. So here we go.

    What we are going to do is we are going to concentrate on a triangular section. I am going to have you look down. So basically what you are going to do is the point of a triangle will be in the back crown area. So your wire point is at the front in the forehead. So that's the section that we are going to be working with. What you are going to do is you are just going to grab 1 inch section within that triangle and you are going to go ahead and twist them gently. Push it forward slightly, once you finish the twist. Then you are going to go ahead and pin it in place. It is good to take the pin and come from behind the section and push that pin forward, right into the twist.

    It is going to be a little disheveled of a look, not so perfect. Now we are going to go into another 1 inch section which is pretty much in the middle. You can twist the hair to the left, to the right, whichever way it seems to be falling best, while you are working with your hair. When you are twisting and pushing it forward, that gives it a little lift in the front. Then from there what you want to do is go ahead and break-up the curl a little bit.

    What I mean by that is you want to take your fingers and separate pieces of curls, so that they are not so formed into that barrel shape. It just gives it a little bit of a softer look. Then go ahead and spray while you are working. What you end up with is this big beautiful curly hair that is not so perfect, but it still works for prom.

    So we have just completed our third look. Now what we are going to do is work with some accessories. What I have here is some butterflies, you can get these at any craft store. They come in different sizes, different colors. We are going to work with a pink and a green. Mainly because Carla is wearing a pink dress, we want to have a little bit of pink splash in her hair, but we also want to add a little kick of a different color as well. This is all about just ironing up your placement. You dont have to set it exactly where I am placing mine, just see what feels good when you are putting it in your hair. They are very easy to put in, they come with a little bit of a wire. You can rest them to where it looks like they are landing into the hair, you dont want them sticking up too much. I will put a little green one in there. You dont need too many, but just a couple to give it a little interest.

    We are going to also work with a little bit of glitter. I want you to be very careful because it is very fine and you can end up really getting messy with it, but let's go ahead with it. We are going to use a silver color. You can use any colored glitter. You want to use something that matches the color of your dress, you can do that. What you want to do is just work with little pinches, use a little bit at first. I am going to have you close your eyes. You want to make sure you close your eyes, when you put this into as not to get anything in your eye because it is so fine. I can do that and just lightly drizzle over the hair. I am going to have you tilt your head away from me, your ear to your shoulder. There we go. Just kind of tilt, so that way you can get the glitter on the sides. Easier and then look down for me. You dont need any hair spray or anything to hold this in, they are going to hold just nicely because that's just the nature of glitter. This is our completed third look with accessories added.