Prom Hairstyles – Completing the Straight Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Robin Harmon discusses completing the straight look for prom.

    Robin Lee Harmon: Hi! My name is Robin Lee Harmon with Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar. Today, we are going over looks for prom and we are going to go ahead right now and finish up our first look.

    So what we are going to do with this hair is we are actually going to pull it over the ear and you can use a comb, you can use a brush, you can use your hands, whatsoever is easiest for you and the same on this side. If you have bangs, you can either let the bangs stay out or you can blend them into the hair that I am pulling back.

    I will show you that because Carla does have some layers up in the front, that we are going to go ahead and blend into the actual ponytail. So before I put that into the ponytail, I am going to show you both sides. You can see where this bang is here. I am not going to smooth it yet, just until I get it into the ponytail. I know there is a little bit of frayed pieces here, when you are working with your hair. Dont worry about those, until you get the ponytail back. What you want is you want to have two hair bands because one holds it, but you want to make sure you have a second one, in case one of them pops. You want to make sure that your ponytail is not going to fall out, if a rubber band breaks. So it is safer to have two and that goes for any style when you are working with rubber bands.

    So that's the ponytail. Now what I am going to do is I am going to go ahead and smooth the ponytail, so that way we can start our look. Then through the top as well. So nice and clean in the front. Like I said if you had bangs, you can have them sweep down. Some girls have the side angel bang, where you can just let it stay down as well, you dont have to blend that back in, if you dont want to. So now what we are going to do is we are going to drop the back. So what we have created is pretty much a hair headband. So this keeps the hair out of your face. If you want to have your hair down, but you dont want to have hair hanging in your face when you are dancing, this will help that. So now what we are going to do is to dress it up even more, is we are going to back comb this area, so that we get a little more height.

    The best way to back comb is in sections and I would like to start in the front. Go ahead and spray the section and then you are going to go ahead and back comb the hair. Now you want to make sure that you are really packing that hair as close to the scalp as possible. Then I am also brining that back, coming further down to the scalp. Then come back up and then pull it back down to the scalp. So that way you have more hold with your back combing. We are going to work on a section thats shaped like an oval. Then right to the crown is where we will end that. I will show you what I mean, after I get the actual back combing done. So now that we have done our back combing, we are going to go through and smooth the hair. I will show you the best way to do that.

    When you are smoothing hair, again, you dont want use the teeth of your comb straight down. You want to go ahead and use the side of the comb, or you could also use your Mason Pearson brush. You just gently brush back because you are not trying to pull out the back combing that you have done, you just want to smooth over the top. Your back combing is to give you the lift that you want.

    So this is this finished look, before we start actually finishing the ends. This is what you want to end up with, before we go ahead and work on the ends to make those a little bit more smooth or to roll those under as well. This is where we are going to use our flat iron. We are also going to use setting gel, so that way we can have the hair hold a little bit better. If you have layers like Carla has, just be gentle with them as not to pull too hard. I am just going to hold a little bit above the iron, so that way I am not pulling on that hair too much. So this is our first look. So now with this next clip, I want to show you ways that you can accessorize.