Prom Hairstyles – Modifying the Straight Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Robin Harmon discusses modifying the straight look for prom.

    Robin Lee Harmon: Hi! I am Robin Lee Harmon with Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar. Today, we are going over looks from prom. I have just completed the first look and now we are going to go into how to modify that look.

    So this was our first look and now we are going to over and show you how to easily and quickly modify it, so that way you can go into a different look on the same evening or if you would rather prefer wear this look instead of the first look. So all that we are really going to do is we are going to bring Carlas hair into a nice side ponytail, but what helps is we are just going to adjust the ponytail that we have already created. So we are going to gently get this section out of the way. So let's take out the rubber bands. The ponytail was centered directly in the back of the head, it was right here. So now what we are going to do is we are going to pull it over to the side that you want your ponytail to lay on. So in this case, we are going to have the ponytail lay over Carlas right shoulder. So we are actually going to pull the bottom ponytail over to the right. Once you get that set where you want it, we are going to go ahead and put the ponytail holders in. So we have got our side ponytail. Again, it was centered and now we have offset it over to the side where you want to wear your ponytail.

    We are going to take down the hair, second section. You are also going to brush this over into the direction that you are going to be wearing your ponytail. Again, you want to lightly brush the hair because we did back comb this second section earlier. So we want to still keep that back combed. You can use another rubber band or you can even use our own hair. As I am taking out a section from the bottom ponytail and you can wrap it around, both ponytails together. You can have this look, if you dont want to have a hair tie or a pretty hair accessory here. You can use your own hair to wrap around the other hair. Now you would secure it with a bobby pin. Typically, you secure it from underneath the ponytail, so that way you dont see the bobby pin. You might have to use two, depending on how much hair you have. Then just tuck any extra pieces out of the way or continue to wrap them. You can use also hair gels or hair spray to hold these flyaway pieces. But you can see how pretty that can be, you are just using your own hair as the hair piece there. So we have created a very sleek look using your own hair as a hair accessory. So now what we are going to do is show a different look with a hair accessory and that would be a nice big pink flower. It actually comes with a little rubber band attached to it. You could also use something with bobby pins to hold it in place as well, but we are going to go ahead and attach this. That is just something fun and different. You can use any color, any size. This is a little bit more dramatic, but its a fun look.

    So we have just completed modifying the first look. Now for our next segment, we are going to work with curly hair and how to wear curly hair in a down-style for prom.