Prop Novelty Pool Shots – The 15 Ball Juggle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    World Trick Shot Champion Andy Segal demonstrates how to master the pool prop novelty shot, The 15 Ball Juggle.

    Andy Segal

    I have been playing pool since 1983. I started performing trick shots in college, back in the late 80's, but I have been competing in trick shot competitions since October of 2002. I was invited to ESPN's Trick Shot Magic for the first time in October of 2003, when a good friend of mine Bogdan Wolkowski from Poland dropped out at the last minute due to an arm injury. Once I started competing in the trick shot tournaments, I stopped playing 9-ball and never looked back.

    I have worked as the technical advisor of Sweet & Lowdown, a Woody Allen film starring Sean Penn. I have also filmed a couple of commercials, one for All Detergent and one for AT&T, both obviously involving pool and trick shots. I also did a 12 week segment for Spike TV called Bikini Pool Shark. I have also worked with Ewa Laurence and helped her prepare for the 2004 and 2005 Women's ESPN Trick Shot Magic tournament. Ewa's excellent talent, along with coaching from myself and Bruce Barthelette, helped her achieve a second place finish in 2004 and a win in 2005.

    In addition to pool, I am an amateur magician. I play Go once a week in a club near my house, and online a few times a week. I enjoy playing poker, both live and online. I am also in the computer business. I own and operate a website company Magic Man Web Services LLC, which currently hosts

    I am the reigning 2007 World Trick Shot champion.

    Andy Segal: Hi, I am Andy Segal. This is our last Prop/Novelty Shot. For this shot, we are going to learn how to Juggle the pool balls. Now there s three ways that you can juggle pool balls; the first way is the standard way, like that, the second way is by rolling the balls on the table like this and the last way is using a Cue stick like this.

    Now, for this shot, we are going to use this kind of juggling; I am going to teach you, how to get good at this kind of juggling. What you want to do is you want to start off by hitting the Cue ball softly. Okay, now as the Cue ball is coming do not wait for it, track up with Cue stick and then hit it. If you sit and wait for it, it s going to be a lot harder to time it. So you shoot it nice and soft, it comes around, you track it with a Cue stick and then hit it nice and soft and you keep practicing that over and over until you get tired of practicing it and then practice it some more. When you are finally done practicing it, you can actually make some really nice trick shots; this one is one of my own inventions. It s a fifteen ball juggling shot and I used it last year in the ESPN Trick Shot Competition. We line up the balls, the 5-ball is on the spot followed by 4, 3, 2 and 1, and then we have the 15,14,13,12,11, the ten through six. Now, here I have these balls on the spot right where they are contacting. They are all right along the centre of the table with the Cue ball right in the middle. Then we have a little easy button, not that the shot is easy or anything, we are going to put it right in the way just at a little difficulty and then we have a Cue stick lying over here and you will see what is that for in a minute. The object to this shot is to shoot the Cue ball around the table one, two, three cushions, back to here. Before it gets back to here, I am going to quickly come over and with my hand in the air, shoot the one, two, three, four and five into that pocket without touching the easy button. Then I am going to come back here and while the Cue ball is moving, I am going to hit it, juggling it as I showed you before, another three cushions back to here. Before it gets back to here I am going to shoot the six, seven, eight, nine, ten in this pocket with my hand on the table and lastly, I am going to shoot the Cue ball little harder this time, it s going to go three cushions, hit the Cue stick, roll down the Cue quick and go in to the pocket but before the Cue ball gets to the pocket I am going to switch over to my left hand and I am going to shoot the eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen all before the Cue gets in there. So this is a combination of juggling, speed and accuracy on holding the stick because you need to do in the air which is not easy for lot of people so after you get good at the juggling, you can try something like this. That concludes our Prop/Novelty Set. But stay tuned and do not forget to check out some of the great shots in our other video series.