Proper Care for Haircutting Equipment

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Christina Perry, owner of Pure Salon and Spa demonstrates how to cut hair at home including an overview of the proper equipment needed.

    Christina Perry: Hi, my name is Christina Perry, owner of Pure Salon and Spa. The tittle of this video is how to cut hair at home. I am going to show you a list of equipment you will need for men's and women's haircut, how to care for the equipment, and where to purchase the equipment. First we will start with the clippers. This will be for your men's haircut. Typically, a clipper package comes with some guards. Here are a couple of guards. It comes with oil to care for your clippers. A little brush to clean the hair out of the clippers when you are finished. Some clipper sets come with scissors; we will use these on the men's and the women's haircut. We will need a comb for the men's and the women's haircut. We will also use a cape for both cuts. You could use the garbage bag if you don't have a haircutting cape and just cut a hole on the top for the head. We will use a water bottle for the women's haircut in case the hair starts to get dry, and clips for the women's haircut. The best place to purchase your equipment would be at any beauty supply store; you can get higher quality equipment there, or you can purchase these items at any Target or Wal-Mart or any place like that. To care for the equipment, we will start with the clippers. What you want to do is comb the hair out of the clippers after each haircut. Then you would drop a couple of drops of the clipper oil into the blades as they are running. You can also care for the scissors the same way, by dropping the oil at the base of the scissors and kind of moving them around to spread out the oil. To setup for your haircuts, it's nice to have your equipment on a table like this, but if you don't have one, you can set it on a nearby counter top. Place your chair on an area in the kitchen or somewhere that doesn't have carpet, that makes it easier for cleanup. Make sure there is enough room that you can walk around the chair, and make sure you are also nearby an outlet that you can plug your clippers into. Our next section, we will be doing the men's haircut.