Protect Flower Bulbs From Pests and Rot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Follow this simple tip to protect your flower bulbs from rot and hungry pests the next time you plant in your garden.

    Female Speaker: Heres a great little gardening life hack for planting your flower bulbs that will help protect them from rot and destructive predators such as mice, gophers and grubs, and its so simple.

    You will need some baby-powder, your flower bulbs, and one re-sealable plastic bag.

    Once you have prepared the bed for planting place 5 or 6 bulbs in the plastic bag and spoon-in roughly three tablespoons of baby-powder. Seal it up and give it a few shakes, so that the bulbs have a nice coating of the baby-powder.

    Then take the bulbs out of the bag and plant as you normally would. The thin coating of baby-powder will deter ground dwellers from nibbling on your bulbs and the powders absorbent qualities will provide added protection from rot.

    So protect your bulbs and enjoy beautiful blooms.