Public Speaking – Seating Methods

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tom Antion shares some tips on how to become an exciting speaker. This video will focus on seating methods.

    Tom Antion: Hi, I am Tom Antion a veteran of over 3000 speaking engagements around the world. Today I am going to give you a tip that took me 1500 speeches before I learned it. You are going to learn it right now; it has to do with seating.

    So what you see here is a seating method called theater style. There are no tables involved and the chairs are just lined up straight next to each other. Now the reason this isn't the greatest, is because the person sitting in this chair can only see the head of the person sitting in this chair and the one sitting in this chair.

    So, a little fix-up for this would be, is if you move this chair and the rest of the ones in the row on a little arc, same with this side, this is now called semicircular theater style. It is so much better, because as you get more experienced in speaking, you'll see the laughter and the interaction and approval are socially facilitated, which means if this person can see everybody in the row laughing they are more likely to laugh. If this person can see everybody in the row nodding in approval to what you are saying, they're more like nod and approve.

    So, fix-up your seating and you'll make your presentation one to remember.