Put a Stop to Holiday Weight Gain

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow shares his tips for avoiding weight gain this holiday season.

    John Basedow: Hey guys! I am John Basedow with some tips to avoid holiday weight gain. Number one is all about parties. During the holidays, there are office parties, there are family parties and what do a lot of us try to do? Try to starve ourselves the entire day leading up to the party, by the time we get to the party, we are ravenous and we just go wild on the food. Instead of doing that eat good meals, prior to the party have a glass of water before walking in, control your cravings, you will satisfied with the two cocktail franks you have been dreaming of, instead of finishing the tray of 20.

    Number two, when you go to family events, there are tons of different crazy foods out there. Unless your family is tying you down and force feeding them to you, you have the power to say no. So stick with portion control, maybe have a slice or two of the pumpkin pie, but don't eat the whole pie.

    Also, if you do overindulge at any of these holiday times, just get right back on you fitness path the next day, practice damage control. And guys remember, the holiday season is awesome. I know your schedule is going to be crazy, just try to keep fitness in your mind and do what you can, when you can.

    Don't beat yourself up, but just by keeping it in your mind, you will be surprised that how many pounds you keep off the trouble prone areas belly and lower back in men, and wait, tips and thighs in women, you don't have to go on any crazy diets, come the New Year.