Put An End To Procrastination

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Ann Dolin shares the top tips for putting an end procrastination and getting students focused on the task at hand.

    Ann Dolin: There are many students who put off work until the very last minute. And although the reasons vary one thing is for sure. Procrastination impacts academic performance.

    To encourage your child to get started on time, first establish a homework routine. Most students regardless of age need a break after school. About a half hour is usually sufficient time to grab a snack and relax, but after that it's time to get started.

    Older students can be given a choice of beginning for dinner or right after dinner. Another way to cure procrastination for younger children is the simple game of beat the clock. Set a timer for a designated amount of time and tell your child that if he or she gets the worksheet done before the timer goes off he can earn a token.

    If he collects four tokens in a week he can trade them in for rewards such as TV time, a piece at dinner or additional allowance. Timers are excellent tools for older students as well.

    A strategy for these students is called the tolerable ten. By setting the timer for only ten minutes and getting to work in as short amount of time, students often realize that the task isn't so overwhelming after all. Once they start and they can often keep on going.

    And finally, help your child get their homework more easily by prioritizing assignments. Have her start with a tough task followed by an easy one and continue this way until all the homework is done.

    By using a few of these novel strategies your child will be on his or her way to an on-time start.