Putting Pinterest to the Test With Brownie Ice Cream Cups

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Our Pinterest feeds are littered with unusual, tempting recipes, but we’ve all produced some Pinterest fails. That’s why when we saw brownie bowls scattered throughout our feeds, we had know know if it really worked! Following the instructions on the back of a box of brownies and baking the ooey batter between two cupcake tins, these brownie cups just might be the next best vehicle for eating ice cream.

    Female Speaker: And you can just see as you press the top tin in it's creating the cutest little brownie bowl. Upgrade your Sundae with a super sweet brownie bowl. So what I love about this recipe as it combines the brownie which is everyone's favorite go to dessert, shapes like a cute little baby cup. We put ice-cream inside of it. We top it with Caramel sauce or hot fudge, and that's it. It's a cute little Sundae and it's the perfect size. It's almost like we are doing this like Willy Wonka style. I remember that scene where he is drinking something and then he eats the cup. We are basically going to do that but with brownies.

    So the first thing that we are going to do is just take a box of Brownie Mix, put it into a bowl, what I love about this dessert is there really is no clean up because we are going to put the ice-cream inside of a brownie that we are shaping like a little cup. So I am just going to add my two eggs in here and just give our brownie mix a good stir. Now we are just going to put it inside of our muffin tins. I am just going to use a little ice-cream scoop and we are going to fill these three quarters of the way full, almost like if we are making cupcakes. So for all those people out there, they want to make their own homemade brownie mix, knock yourself out. I am too impatient; I just want to eat these already. But see how my brownie mix is nice and smooth, it doesn't have chocolate chips in it, it doesn't have any fancy Hershey syrup, get just your regular standard brownie mix. No fancy business.

    We are going to spray the bottom of this tin and make sure you get the sides and then put it right on top. All right, now you want to get eye-leveled with it and you can just see as you press the top tin in, it's creating cutest little brownie bowl.

    Okay, so now I am going to pop this into the oven, that's been preheating at 350 degrees for about 30 to 35 minutes or until the brownies are done. When you take them out, let them cool before you pull the tin out. I know it's really hard, don't be impatient.

    This is the best part of this recipe because you get to collect this and see the little cups. So you probably thought that they were going to bake perfectly. That never happens. This is exactly what I wanted them to look like. So I am just going to take three on them, place them up in plate. My thing is the brownies are already going to taste so delicious and chocolaty, there is nothing like creamy white vanilla ice-cream. Here is the hack for you, make someone really strong, scoop all the ice-cream ahead of time, then put all your scoops of ice-cream on to a baking sheet, pop it in the freezer, they can just pick and choose whatever ice-cream they want and you already have the perfect little scoop.

    Remember I told you, I love caramel sauce on my Sundaes, heat it up beforehand and then I am just going to drizzle it across my brownie, some of that extra just falls down the sides, that's fine with me. My gosh! All right sprinkles next.

    Little rainbow sprinkles. I love the little jimmie sprinkles but nonpareils, the little bowls are just so festive and cute. These are Sundaes, you've got to top them with cherries.

    Oh my god, these are so adorable, I can hardly stand it. I got to take a little bite. Oh my god, it's so good because the edges are kind of crispy and then you get that super moist dense brownie and the ice-cream, and the warm caramel sauce. These are so good. Thanks so much for watching, I am Brandy. Have you enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe the POPSUGAR food and I would love to know how you like your Sundae in the comment box below. I will see you next time, bye! Got to go!