Putting the Cake Together

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Randi Goldman of Something Extra Cakery demonstrates how to make a Chocolate Cake with ganache filling and butter cream icing including how to assemble the cake.

    Randi Goldman: Hi, I am Randi and today we are showing you how to make a Chocolate Cake. This is the stage where we are going to cut, fill and level the cake with our Ganache and we are going to put on simple syrup on the cake. So I am going to show you to take the paper that we had on the bottom of the pan. We are going to peel that off, this of course you throw up in the garbage. You take any kind of cakeboard, this is a small cake drum. Put our cake on the drum, make sure it's centered. We are going to take a semi-serrated knife to level the cake. This is very important that cake is nice and even. You don't want to have a hump on the cake. Pull a little piece of plastic on here, just so cake does not stick to my hand. We are gently cutting about two inches into the cake using our turn table to spin the cake to make it nice and even. This of course is also the part that goes to your children .

    Taking these off, now we are going to level the second cake. After we cut the cake in half, so now we are going to have enough for four layers. Take the paper off the second cake, we can put it on top, we do not have to use the drum, we can just use the turn table. We are going to level the cake, again we spin slowly, cut about two inches into the cake, keep going around we are not in a hurry, the part that goes to the children. Then we take our hand again, we are going to spin the cake, cut about two inches in. This is where the filling will go.

    We are going to take our simple syrup and some pure vanilla extract, I put the extract in more by eye, you also can taste it if you like. So we are going to gently brush this on the cake, this adds flavor and moisture to your cake. Then we are going to take our Ganache and we are going to spread a nice thin layer of Ganache on the cake. Very nice rich chocolate. Make sure it's nice and even and then we are going to layer our cake. Again simple syrup, with the vanilla extract or the extract of your choice or liquor of your choice, the Ganache. I always prefer to use a separate spatula to scoop out the filling than the one to spread it on to cake. It helps prevent crumbs from coming into your filling. Now we are finished putting the last layer of the simple syrup on top of the cake, and now we are going to do two coats of icing, the first coat is a crumb coat, we are going to put in refrigerator let it set up and then we will put a final coat of icing on. This way we don't have to worry about the crumbs. So just take in little bit of butter cream putting on the cake and taking our spatula spreading it around, always best to use a turn table. You should also make sure that you are working with the spatula right in front of you, instead of around this way. This way you can see what your are doing. So we are just going to put an even amount of icing on the sides and the top. It's not going to look very neat and clean, because we will be putting another layer of butter cream on the whole cake. Make sure you can see the spatula, go all the way across and that's our crumb coat.

    Now we are going to put another coat of icing, butter cream on our cake. We want to make sure that there is lot of butter cream between the spatula and the cake. It's better to have too much than not enough. If you don't have enough you will see the crumbs. So we are going to do like the crumb coat but be a lot more gentle. You can always take the extra icing off. Again we want to make sure we not licking our fingers as tempting as that is. Always have the spatula where we can see our hands. It's very hard to control the spatula once it's over here we can't see what we are doing. So we are being very gentle, adding icing to the sides and then we will smooth out the top. I like to use a largest size of the comb, comes in three different size. Gives it a nice finish. To me it's also a way to test whether there is too much icing on the side of the cake.

    We are holding these comb in the same position and using the turn table to do all the work. I am not moving these around, I am holding it right were I can see it. Then gently lifting away. The goal would be not to see a seam. Of course we clean off our board and we remember we are not going to lick our fingers, and we are going to smooth out the top. Now we have a nice cleaned surface to decorate. I like to grab a little bit of the icing from the edge, go all the way across just like we did with our crumb coat and for next segment we are going show you how to decorate the cake.