Putting Together the Spicy Southwestern Ciabatta Sandwich

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Radio personality and gourmet cook Rob Carson puts the finishing touches on a spicy southwestern ciabatta sandwich.

    Rob Carson: Once again, my name is Carson. I am a radio personality also a gourmet cook and today, we are making spicy Southwestern Ciabatta Sandwiches. What I am going to do right now is I am going to cut this bread. It's a nice ciabatta bread. This is going to be a big sandwich too by the way, height wise. You can buy individual ciabattas. I actually prefer that, but today we are going to do this. You can do this in two ways; you could prepare it open face and stick it under your broiler if you want to melt your cheese. I am just going to toast the bread lightly. One time I was watching Martha Stuart, she did a segment where she made toast. She actually made the bread, sliced the bread and put the toast in an oven. I prefer to buy the bread and stick it in the toaster, see Martha, take some cues from me, will you? We have toasted ciabatta. Let me get my aioli. Look at those peppers, isn't that cool? I love that. I am going to take two pieces of the pepper jack, I got my grilled chicken here and the rest is basically clockwork, guys. There you go. There are your roasted peppers and we are going to add something a little bit even better to this. I am going to let that cheese, I am going to put much of jalapeno in there. Obviously, if you don't like heat, don't put the jalapenos on. These are pickled jalapenos so they are not very hot, but they give you a nice, a really nice flavor. So there you go, put that on there like that and there you have a Spicy Southwestern Ciabatta.

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