Questions to Ask at an Auto Repair Shop

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive Expert Tony Molla discusses what questions to ask at an auto repair shop.

    Tony Molla: Hi, I am Tony Molla from ASE and we are continuing our look at how to find the good repair shop. Okay, you found the shop, it has the right type of vehicles in the parking lot, you like the waiting room. Now what would you do?

    Well, the first thing you want to do is, go up and talk to the people to service desk and ask questions. First question, is how long have they been in this business? Is the shopper upstanding member of the community? Have they been there a while? Look for things like, little leagues sponsorships, or bowling leagues, things that show that they are involved in their community. If you've done your homework, you have already gotten a few recommendations from friends or family. But you might also going to ask them, if they can give you some customer referrals, that you can call and ask, how their experience was? It's important to know, what type of vehicles they service and what type of services they offer? For example, if you are in a quick lube place you are probably not going to get brake work done. Most general repair shops have a variety of services that they offer. But you want to make sure that they offer exactly the kind of maintenance or repair service that you are looking for, so ask those questions. Another important thing to find out, is if they offer shuttle service or a loner car, once you drop your vehicle off for service. Will they help you get to work? And will they pick you up, after the vehicle is done? These are important amenities that shows just how much the shop goes the extra mile of take care of its customers.

    Again, a good indication of a place that you want to do business. The next question you want to ask is, when can you drop of your vehicle? Do they have any after hours drop off? So you don't have to be there, before the business closes. Find out, what the businesses hours are? So you know, when you can go back and pick up your vehicle, when it's finished.

    Finally,the most important thing to find out is, what type of warranty does the shop offer for its services? Is it a three month, three thousand mile warranty? Get specific on exactly how long they will stand behind their work. This is particularly important, if you are having major repair work done. You want to know not only the warranty on the service that was provided, but the warranty on the parts that were installed.

    This is an important way to make sure, that you are getting that value that we keep talking about for your service dollar. And speaking of dollars, in our next segment, we will take a look at shop rates. Just how do they set those prizes anyway.