Rabbit Care – Choosing the Proper Diet for your Rabbit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rabbit care expert Aileen Kara Hudspeth discusses rabbit care and how to choose the proper diet for a rabbit.

    Aileen Kara Hudspeth: Hi, my name is Aileen Kara Hudspeth with Friends of Rabbits. I am here talking about how to care for your rabbit and we are going to discuss diet. Rabbit's diet consists majority of hay. For instance, we have Timothy hay here. There is also a variety of others in front of me. This is rye, to my right I have clover with timothy, I have Alfalfa and I also have oat hay as some examples of the varieties that you can find. These tend to be a little less in calorie than the ones to my right. These should be used for younger rabbits who need that high calorie content to start building a healthy system. I also have some timothy pellets made from the same stuff here, but these are more of a treat where as you see, we have some fruits in front of us. We have bananas, we have apple and we also have treats that come mixed in with some of the pellets I had shown earlier. If it tastes good, it's probably bad for you. I am sure we have all heard. However, with rabbits, it tends to be same thing. You don't want to get a lot of foods that have high calorie content. If you want a healthy happy rabbit who is moving around a lot, you need to give them a good average balanced diet. If you give them too many treats then they will gain weight and then now we have something you have to work on eliminating with your veterinarian. In front of me you can see a rabbit salad. Now carrots, though rabbits do love carrots, should be taking in moderation. Moderation where only to be given as a treat every once in a while including the fruits which are high in sugars and these treats that I showed here are also high in calories. If you are going to provide pellets to your rabbit the best suggestion is the pellets here and I would suggest that you only use to start an eighth of a cup a day and obviously, you need to talk with your veterinarian to figure out diet wise what would truly be appropriate for the size of your rabbit and what they are currently eating. Now obviously, with everyone, we need water and as do rabbits. They need a large consistent bowl or bottle of water to be accessible so that they can keep themselves hydrated, keep good kidney function and organ function in general and those are some guidelines on how to create a balanced diet for your rabbit. Next we are going to discuss the importance of spay or neutering your rabbit.