Rabbit Care – Social Needs for your Rabbit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rabbit care expert Aileen Kara Hudspeth discusses rabbit care and discuss social needs for a rabbit.

    Aileen Kara Hudspeth: Hi, my name is Aileen Kara Hudspeth with Friends of Rabbits talking about how to care for your rabbit. We are going to talk about social needs of rabbits today. I am going to reference many of the things in front of me, but let's get stated off. Everybody loves toys, rabbits need toys. Toys, why? Well, because they enjoy having fun, they enjoy playing, they enjoy making noise, they enjoy things they can chew. Chewing is a natural behavior for them. Their teeth consistently grow so they need to keep chewing to relieve that pressure. They also have a variety of different types of textures they can use. I have willow here, different types of mats, rabbit may prefer different type of texture as they are chewing. For instance, we have have a maize mat here, we have a seagrass mat here, we have a straw mat here some of which if they are given, they are obviously used well, loved well. There are toys that make noise. This is a woven palm with a bell.

    Now obviously, you can not just find a toy in your house with a basket that you may have been given or any other thing. You need to be worried about the toys you are giving your rabbits, have to be made for your rabbits. For instance, these toys here look like they are colored, they are colored, but this is food grade coloring so it does not affect the health of your rabbit. A colored basket or a lacrate basket may not be the best thing for your rabbit and it could affect their health. So make sure that what you are buying was meant to be a toy for your bunny. Obviously, if you do not provide toys for your rabbit, they are going to find other substitutes such as telephone book or any books that you might you might have on your book shelf. Obviously, this is not good because there is glue in the book binding and that is not something that you are going to want your rabbit to be biting on. Now rabbits need space. They may stay somewhere for quite some time, but they need to be able to stretch, they need to be able to play, they need to be able to exercise, they like jumping, they like running, like stretching out, they like making noise. They enjoy playing with each other. Rabbits by nature are social creatures and will interact well with other rabbits and other species. However, before bringing your rabbit into a pet friendly home already, please make sure you reach out to your animal group, spay or neuter them first and they will be able to help you make that transition into your new home a pleasant experience. These are some of the things that you need to think about when you are looking at social needs for your rabbit. We are now going to talk about rabbit hygiene.