Rabbit Care – Spaying or Neutering your Rabbit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rabbit care expert Aileen Kara Hudspeth discusses rabbit care and how to have your rabbit spayed or neutered.

    Aileen Kara Hudspeth: Hi, my name is Aileen Kara Hudspeth with Friends of Rabbits. I am here talking about how to care for your rabbit. Now we are going to discuss the importance of spay and neutering. With me today, I have Jenny, she will be my example rabbit. We are going to talk about some of the basic misconceptions on rabbits and in regards to sex identification. Females normally look like males up until three months when their testicles will descend. So at beginning you may truly believe that you actually have two females and in fact, you actually have one female and one male. Female's gestational period is 28 days. Unfortunately, as soon as they give birth these birth litters can be anywhere from five to ten babies at a time. They can actually get pregnant can actually get pregnant on the same day that they give birth. So it is very important that once you get your rabbit, just spay or neuter immediately unless it is already been done by the people that you have acquired your rabbit from. I also want to explain that there are benefits besides health benefits, health benefits being that females can later on life can be prone to uterine or ovarian cancer if they are not spayed. Males can have danger of injuring their testicles if they are not neutered and also, in the sense of what your rabbit's relationship going to be later on, rabbits have less chance of digging and chewing, you will see lessened of those abilities. Obviously, rabbits will still continue to dig and chew, but the severity will lessen. You will also find that they will have less of a chance, both males and females of spraying or mounting their mates or their bonded partners and also in general, it is very good to do this, do spaying and neutering because it make for better relationships later on with your rabbits whether they have a single life or a life with another partner or a group of rabbits. That is the importance of spaying and neutering your rabbit. Our next clip will be on the importance of social needs for your rabbit.