Racquetball Basics – Basic Strategy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Malia Bailey demonstrates breaks down basic Racquetball strategy.

    Malia Bailey: Hi, my name is Malia Bailey and we are going over the fundamentals and basics of racquetball. Right now we are going to go over the basic strategies, when you are beginning to play. So we are going to start from the beginning of our rally. Again, we are going to start serving.

    Once I serve, I want to come out of the box. Again, we can come out of this service box right after the ball breaks the plane of this short line. So we can come out with the ball. So we served and what we are going to do? We served to this corner. So we serve the ball, we come out when we can. We come out of the box watching the ball. Always keep your eye on the ball. There's too many times where I have seen beginners, they serve and they come out like this. They have no idea where that ball is. When you are facing the front wall looking this way, the ball can be anywhere back here. It may be in the middle of the court and the receiver is getting ready to hit the ball. If you are facing the front wall like this, you have a nice target for your opponent. So if you keep your eye on the ball, whether its in this corner or this corner, you will know how to move. If the ball pops out, you can move one direction or the other to make room for your opponent to take his shot. We always want to try to maintain center court position, which is about a foot or a foot and a half from the 5 foot line. This is where we want to be. This is where we can retrieve the most balls. However, we do have to relinquish this position, when we are blocking an opponent. So we have to get out of the way. So we serve to that corner, we come out, watch the ball, stay low and then we are in good position to see where that ball is. Also, we want to watch the ball come off your opponents racquet. As the receiver, you are back here, watching the serve. The serve goes to this corner. Again, if you can be aggressive with your shot, hit a nice low shot, or just go to the ceiling. Bring your opponent back or pass them, get them out of center court position, so you can move up. Again, watch the ball.

    We talked a little earlier about movement. When you move on the court, always face the side wall. Forehand, you cross over and move and shuffle, when you move. Its more efficient than trying to move this way and then turning. Sometimes, you are not going to have enough time. So face the side wall as soon as you decide whether you are going to hit a forehand or a backhand and be in position to return the ball.

    So basic strategies, when you play racquetball. As the server, pick your serve, watch your serve, come out of the box and be ready to return the next shot. As the receiver, watch the serve, pick your return a serve, that will be hardest for the server to return. You take over center court position or, of course, ideally get the serve.

    Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you have learned something and take away some drills that you are able to use in your playing. I wish you safe playing and have lots of fun.