Racquetball Basics – Serve Drills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Malia Bailey shares various racquetball serving drills.

    Malia Bailey: Hi, my name is Malia Bailey and we just went over the four basic serves of racquetball. Now we are going to go over some easy drills that you can incorporate in your practice.

    Serving is so important in the game of racquetball because that's where you are going to score. You are not going to score points, when you are receiving. You are going to score points in the service spots. You want to make sure your serves are accurate and consistent and unpredictable.

    The first drill we are going to go over is a drive serve drill. What I would like to do is I place the can to where, I think, is an ideal spot to hit a drive serve. Sometimes you might have to change the angles dependent upon where you are standing in the court. For example, if I am standing here in the service area, I might want to move this can maybe over just a little bit. What we are aiming for? One is so the ball will bounce close or around the can. So that the trajectory of the ball is going towards the far corner, which makes it very difficult for your opponent to return the serve. Good. The second drill we are going to show you is the hard Z serve. We are going to use this cone as the target. So when you hit a Z serve, it will hit the front wall first, the side wall at an angle, so the ball is coming here. What you wanted to do do is hit deep in the court. When it hits the side wall here after it bounces, its going to just come straight into your opponent, close to the back wall, so they don't get a good hit on it. The third and fourth drill, actually for the high lob and the half lob, I am going to have someone sit in the corner. We are going to try to, on the second bounce, have the ball land in their lap. Because while dealing for the lob serves, you don't want the ball to come off the back wall. You want the ball to land in this area here, so your receiver can't attack it. Then on the second bounce, land in the lap of the person sitting back there or you can put a box back there, not where you know the ball is not coming off the back wall. That's nice. Coming up next, we are going to show you how to return the serves.