Re-Organizing Your New Closet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Maintenance Expert Scott Roewer discusses re-organizing your new closet.

    Scott Roewer: Hi! This is Scott Roewer of solutionsbyscott.

    com. And in the final segment of How to Organize Your Closet Like a Pro, I am going to show you how we take everything we've organized all of the clothes, and get them back in the closet. We are not going to put back anything that doesn't belong. So let's get started. What I have done is I have organized the clothes here on the rack, these are all coats, and you can see there are nice sturdy wood hangers. We've got all of the suits grouped together, followed by just sport coats, all of the slacks are folded over a hanger, and then we have all T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and collared shirts on these huggable hangers from The Container Store. So when I put things back in the closet, we are going to keep everything by type. I am going to start with all the white clothes here. We have just a regular white, short sleeve T-shirt followed by short-sleeve button down, followed by long-sleeve button down. So we are keeping them by type, and we have got all the colors together. We are going to put these on top. Your shirts are going to require about an inch of space, in order for them to hang and not get wrinkled. So I am going to continue this process with the rest of his shirts, his suits, and his heavy winter jackets. Keep in mind when you put things in the closet, the things you wear most often, should be front and center, here we go. Now that I have found the blue jeans, I want to tell you a little secret of mine. Closets look best when you have a nice clean line in the front. So one thing to do is when you fold your jeans over, half of the crotch of your jeans, facing the hook. So all of this extra material will be in the back of the closet, and the front will be this nice clean line, makes it much easier to find the things.

    So I have got all the hanging clothes back in the closet, and what you just saw before me is everything else that needs to go back in. Did you recall in the first segment, the ironing board that felt out of the closet? Well, we measured the doors, we are going to make use of the back of the door space by hanging the ironing board and the iron on the back of the closet door. So I have this over the door hook, that's from The Container Store, simply lay it over, your ironing board hangs on the hooks. And our iron simply goes here. You can even put it away while its still warm without any safety concerns. We have packaged up some of his extra material, and these are going to go right on a shelf inside the closet. They will be kept dust-free, and they are easy to get to. Next, we have these awesome boxes, and we've used these to hold some of his keepsakes, and some of his memories. We are going to keep these front and center, so they are easy to toss things inside the box, when you bring them home. Shorts, its summer, we need to be able to have quick access to the shorts. We are storing them with the fold to the front so it makes it easy to pull one out from underneath the other. So I am going to stick these right inside here. If your piles are too tall, they will fall over. So keep that in mind. Hats, we are going to put up high, that way they don't get crushed. And using this clear pocket over the door storage holder, we are going to use this on the other door.

    Now men shoes really do not fit in here too well. So my thought is, he is going to store anything else in here that is small, that he would like to see with quick access. He could put pocket watches, umbrellas, even socks and underwear. Really these are great for just about anything.

    Let's see how about those suitcases. One thing that doesn't belong in suitcases are shoes. So we store the small inside the large, will save space. Finally, the shoes. Keep in mind that closet accessories, good lighting, and maintenance are all necessary steps and things to have for maintaining your closet. So, hopefully you've learned something in How to Organize Your Closet Like a Pro, I am sure you'll do a great job.