Reading Food Labels

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will provide you with important information on how to read a food label.

    Sarah Davis: Hello, I am Sarah Davis, a Staff Scientist with the Institute of Food Technologists and today we are going to discuss how to read food labels. We are going to learn a little bit more about Ingredient List, Nutrition Facts Panels, Nutrient Content Claims, Health Claims, Front of Pack symbols from food companies, health organizations or grocery store chains, Organic Food labels and Natural Food labels. Today, I will be using actual food labels to provide you with examples of what you may find in grocery stores when you are food shopping. Before we begin let me give a little bit of background about myself. I have received a Bachelors degree in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise with concentrations in Dietetics and Consumer Foods from Virginia Tech. I also have a Masters degree with a concentration in Foods from Virginia Tech and I am a registered dietitian which means that I have met the minimum academic and professional qualification required to use the credential RD. Now let's get started reading food labels.