Reading the Tarot Card Deck

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional Tarot card reader Micheline Birger discusses how to read the tarot card deck.

    Micheline Birger

    Micheline has been reading Tarot Cards professionally for almost 20 years. "I was always drawn to spiritual, metaphysical, and occult sciences ever since I can remember. While I lived in San Francisco, I studied the Tarot, Angelic Interventions and everything that I could that pertained to a 'Divine Nature'. I began reading for friends and alas, they would call me and say, 'Micheline, you were right, this happened, or that happened.'" She currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland and reads for business/corporate groups/private parties/bar mitzvahs/baby showers/fund raisers/etc. My most accurate documented prediction was the closing of the Dow in August of 2000. A radio show in San Francisco offered a $100 prize for anyone who was the most precise. You had to email your answer an hour before the closing on Friday afternoon. Lo and Behold, I got an email Monday morning, that I was that week's winner! (I was 1.76 off about) It never ceases to amaze me some of the coincidences that the Universe puts in front of us, and like a jigsaw puzzle we have to figure it out. When people ask me what a Tarot Reading is I simple say, "All I do is read what is going on with clients on a subconscious level through divination of the cards. In other words whatever is on your mind comes through in the cards" When I started studying things of an occult nature, I did so because I was naturally drawn to it. Things just kind of unfolded for me with it. I am also a freelance writer, a poet, a produced playwright, a comic-some people call me a Renaissance woman. (A compliment I hope.) I incorporate astrology, numerology and and other elements into my readings in addition to make it fun and entertaining. I am the author the book Everybody Lies About Their Sex Life (Infinity Publishing). I am also in the process of publishing my newest book, EZ To Learn Pocket Tarot Poems. (Copyrighted) I am also a graduate of the University of Maryland in Baltimore. I love holistic health and anything to to with healing the planet. I love commodities and always expanding my field of knowledge in varying disciplines. I would love to expand and share my information to teach in businesses and corporations on assisting people to reconnect themselves back with their intuition.

    So, normally what I would do with the client, let's say, Jane Dow (ph) is right here, and she is coming, and she is not telling me the purpose of the reading, or anything like that. There are different layouts for different types of readings, and if you get any of the Tarot books at any of the stores, its like you will see all these different kinds of readings. I happen to do a lot of corporate work and a lot of high end parties, and that kind of thing. So, what I do is, like I just do a five card spread, which I made up, and which seems to work for me and my clients. I have the person basically take the deck and I will say shuffle it seven times. Seven, what is seven? Okay, seven is perfection, its a sign of heaven, its the number of heaven, seventh heaven. So, there you sit there, and they will shuffle the cards, and then I will have them draw five cards. How I do it is I go body, mind, spirit, finances, and overall. I might do a sixth card just like for the hit of it, but basically thats my tone, and thats how when I start to read for them, is how I would interpret the cards. So, Im going to do, just as a demo here, I will draw my first card, which would be body. So, I have the Page of Rods here. Then my second card would be the Knight of Swords. Then my third card, which is Spirit, I have the Three of Cups. Then the four, for finances I have the Queen of Swords. For my fifth card, which will be overall, I have the Ten of Swords, and just for the Zen of it, I am going to do the sixth card. I will just call this the wild card, which is the Seven. So, I have here body, and this is basically the little page here, he is coming to deliver a message, and I am just looking at this in terms of -- Im doing, Jane, let's say she is awaiting results for a lab test, or she just went to the doctor, and so lets say the office is calling her, so theyre going to deliver her a message about her body. Right here its like, let's say her mind was like really some place else. She was worried that she had this, or she had that, and yada, yada, yada, what it was. So, here you have the Knight of Swords, and he is going through all these storm clouds right here, because she is having every bad thought in the world, I mean, I am going to die tomorrow, I might as well get my coffin ready. So, what this Knight here is -- basically he is going through the storm clouds, and he is delivering. She has to be that Knight of Swords, because she has to go through that stuff in order to get some type of peace, and this is maybe a reflection of whats happening in her consciousness at this particular time, as she is thinking all the worse things, but she is also willing to go through it too, because no matter what happens, its going to happen, she cant prevent it anyway. Right here, her spirit here, whats happening is the Three of Cups. This looks like the page is delivering good news because there is a celebration. Its not as bad as she thought. Right here you have in the financial area, you have the Queen of Swords. Basically, the Queen of Swords is somebody like me, someone who cuts through everything. Right here, the Ten of Swords you have, thats the ending, and this person has really worked themselves up into a tizzy worrying about whatever the results were of that. So, its like theyre as low as they could go, but the thing is like the only way they can go right now is up again. So, this is a card of new beginnings, this is never a card of death, this is never a card of any of that, this is just that they were just so low that they couldnt go any further, and its like now theyre going to be renewed again, so its like the end of that cycle. Then right here, I just drew this, this is the wild card, The Seven of Rods here, and what this is, its like basically that this person still emotionally had a scare, and so she needs to fight through that energy, that inner energy, in order to get to a point where she is peaceful again. Its like she needs to do that, its just like there's still some more energy that she has to expend, but its like the news was good, she is going to be celebrating with her friends, but it was also the frenzy that she worked herself into by awaiting the results. She thought the worst, instead of thinking the best. So, to sit there and do readings, its very -- I would say its a very complex job, and its like I always asked the client to just listen, and then when I am done with what I need to say, then they can ask me questions.