Readying Your Room For Painting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Spike Carlsen of The Family Handyman Magazine demonstrates how to clear out a room in preparation for painting.

    Spike Carlsen: Today we are going to talk about how to get a room ready for painting and really one of the first things you want to do is clear that room out as much as possible, you should really turn off your electricity when you paint a room because you are going to be using a putty knife and you want to make sure that those aren't activated.

    But you also want to protect the very edge of your floor covering with a good Painter's painters tape. Lay it in place, take your putty knife and gently shove it underneath the baseboard.

    Once you have that done you can put down a little bit of plastic, your canvas, or bulk of your drop clothes on top of that. It's time to protect your baseboard. For that use nice wide Painter's tape, run your finger along it and then use a putty knife to really press it in place. You can see we've created kind of a drip edge, so if any paint have stunned the walls, it will protect the baseboard even more. Remove all the outlet covers and the switchboard covers, when it comes to cable devices and telephone devices, unscrew the face covers and put it inside the cover so that you can still paint around it, place a piece of painter's tape over the outlet, that will prevent you from getting paint on that outlet.

    Now let's move on to any grills. Most of these are just held in place with two simple screws, if you have a cordless drill that will speed things up a little bit. Once you've done that tape your screws and tape them at the back of your grill, so you don't lose them.

    Take down any curtain rod brackets, any picture frame brackets that might be on the wall, and then you are ready to paint.