Recession Proof Living For Seniors

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Senior Adviser Mary Alexander shares tips and tricks for saving money when it comes to Senior care.

    Mary Alexander: These difficult financial times have been very challenging for all of us, but perhaps especially so for seniors and their family members who provide care for them.

    However, there are options available, to provide and maintain quality care without breaking the bank. The first place to look at is housing, having the senior move in with family can save money.

    Another option is affordable senior housing or public housing. For those seniors who have a family caregiver with other responsibilities adult day care centers are a good option.

    Creating a team approach to managing and providing in home care is important and should include speaking with a financial advisor. Financing care when funds are limited can be done creatively through reverse mortgages, life settlements or the generosity of family. Another creative financing option is to be paid for your care-giving activities.

    Medicaid offers the cash and counseling program and other state programs allow for income-eligible seniors to pay whomever they choose for care-giving.

    Despite difficult financial times there are ways to get and provide the care that your senior loved one needs. More importantly you can make sure they have a great quality of life without breaking the bank.