Recorder Tonguing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional recorder player and teacher Michelle Williams demonstrates recorder tonguing.

    Michelle Williams: Hi, I am Michelle Williams, we are at Foxes Music Company and I am teaching you how to play the recorder. We just talked about how to hold the recorder and now I am going to teach you a few notes and how to tongue the notes on the recorder. As far as holding the recorder remember your thumb on the bottom hole and now I am going to pick the first note, we are going to learn is B. Use your thumb and then your first finger of the left hand and just nice deep breath and just breathe in and blow. Now as far as tonguing we are going to play quarter notes, which quarter notes get 1B and you are going to use your tongue and you say ta or da whichever is more comfortable for you as you blow into the recorder. I am going to do 4 times. Okay and then the next note A you just add your middle finger, let's add one more finger and then I am going to play it again 4 quarter notes and use your tongue, ta, ta, ta. Okay so that's A.

    . Now, you add another finger and that is on the left hand and this is G. So, those are the first three notes that we are going to learn and that's how you tongue. So, just try it. As you blow air it's steady stream of air that you are blowing through the recorder and as your tongue is hitting the roof of your mouth. Take your tongue and feel the back part - the roof of your mouth is little flat part there and your tongue is hitting between the flat part and the back of your teeth as you tongue ta, ta, just as your saying ta. You don't want the tongue coming forward against the teeth like this, that would be too hard but like ta, ta. So, one more demonstration on G and that's as far as the tonguing and the first three notes. So next I am going to teach you how to play "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder.