Recycling Electronics Responsibly

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tim Doyle of the Consumer Electronics Association discusses ways to reuse and donate old electronic devices.

    Tim Doyle: For getting rid of your old electronics, don't just set up by the curb; reuse or recycle it. Kodak, Best Buy, Amazon.

    com, Gazelle.

    com and Recyclebank, all run programs that offer cash or points for old products.

    Simply go online and choose the best option for you. These rewards tend to focus on new smaller products. See a list, go to greenergadgets.

    org. For larger electronics, consider giving it to a charity program, school or family member. Close the gap, make reused or refurbished computers available to underprivileged individuals in developing countries.

    Dell and Samsung sponsor recycling locations throughout the country or give your old TV or computer to a local school, community center or retirement home. You would be surprised how valuable that device is to someone else.

    Sites such as greenergadgets.

    org provide a list of manufacture and retail programs which use strict standards or third party certified recyclers.

    So rest assured your device will be recycled in the most responsible manner.

    So if you're getting rid of that old electronic product, you've lots of options available to you. You could be helping someone else or at least you're helping the environment out.