Remodeling Show 2008 – Part 1

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn tips from the pros at the 2008 National Home Remodeling Show in Baltimore, Maryland, where hundreds of the suppliers from the modeling industry are showing their latest and greatest products.

    Host: Hi, everybody. I am standing outside the 2008 National Home Remodeling Show in Baltimore, Maryland, where hundreds of the suppliers from the modeling industry are here to show up their latest and greatest products. Now, this show is not open to the public, so we are going to take you inside with us we scour the floor looking for cool and innovative products that you can use in your next remodeling project, come on in.

    Now we are talking with Markus from Deceuninck and what can you tell us that's new this season? Markus: Well, we are excited to launch a Brand New Building Product for the United States that we have been launching over in Belgium and Europe for a couple of years now. It's a wood plastic composite, siding material. The unique value proposition of this is, it is a natural wood looking product that's not required to be painted and it gives you a natural wood appearance for years to come. Host: Great and so is this a green product as well? Markus: Yes, well you know it depends on how green you want to be, but absolutely it's -- the manufacturing process all the way down to the fact that we use recycled materials in it, it's a PVC and a wood based product, so you can also recycle it at the end of it's life cycle. Host: Oh wow, that's great. Well, thank you very much for telling us about it. Then we spoke with Scott from Kohler to find out about new trends in bath and kitchen products.

    Scott: Sure, a couple of the big trends that we are seeing is the ability for people to the customize their experience, so like the Vibra acoustic tub takes the vibrations and the air rhythm programs that are setup to help you relax and you set up these programs and you can feel then the vibrations going through the tub. It's amplified by going through the water. We have chromotherapy lights in there. Those will sync-up with the vibrations and you get a complete relaxation experience. We have the DTV too. It allows you to control a six water force, ambient lighting, your music, so it hooks up with your iPod, your MP3 or with the Internet radio and Ustream as well. So you can put up the six different programs in there. You can adjust the lighting, you can turn on the steam that controls the temperature as well so the temperature always stays constant for you. Bath as well you are seeing the water conserving apparatus, so we have a full line of water conservation toilets as well as waterless urinals. Then in the kitchen, the separate design work like we sell with carbon as well as the full line of cast iron colors that we have. New colors are really popping, mixing with the granite, and appliances as well. So those are some of the big trends that we are seeing. Host: Great. Well, thank you very much for showing us these wonderful products that you have available. Scott: My pleasure, thank you. Host: So now we are talking with Mike, who is from Armstrong and we are looking at these beautiful suspended ceilings. Now when I think of suspended ceilings, I think of dark, dingy basements, that have like a bowling alley feel to them, but these are really beautiful. So can you tell us a little bit about them? Mike: Yeah, this particular style is what we call our Raised Panel 1205. It is what we call a grid blending panel and such that the grid is actually blended into the style. Host: Mike also showed us a variety of different styles available. All of which are ready for paint and would be a great addition to any home. So now we are talking with Craig, he is from Andersen Windows and Doors and we have seen a lot of green products on this show this year. So what can you tell us about what Andersen is doing to create greener products? Craig: So one of the things what we did this year is cooling costs are a big challenge in the southern climates and for years you had a glass option called Low-E4 Sun glass and it is designed specifically for southern climates to keep the sunlight out and reduce cooling cost. One of the things about those compared to our regular glass, it actually has quite a strong tint, so if the people want to use both regular glass and sunglass in a home, they can actually look different. Just a few weeks ago we came out with a new glass option called High Performance Low-E4 Smart Sunglass and what it does is it gives almost the same performance of keeping the sunlight out in the summer, but it visually looks more like the standard glass and now people can mix and match in their home for example, on a southern exposure, use the smart sunglass to again, lower their air conditioning cost and keep the house looking the same on all four sides. Host: Great, well thank you. To see more products from the 2008 Baltimore Remodeling Show, visit monkeysee.

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