Remodeling Show 2008 – Part 2

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn tips from the pros at the National Home Remodeling Show, where hundreds of suppliers from the modeling industry show their latest and greatest products.

    Host: Hi, everybody, I am standing outside the 2008 National Home Remodeling Show in Baltimore, Maryland where hundreds of the suppliers from the modeling industry are here to show off their latest and greatest products.

    Now, this show is not open to the public, so we are going to take you inside with us as we scour the floor looking for cool and innovative products that you can use in your next remodeling project, come on in.

    So now we are here with Kurt (ph) from Geocel. He is going to show us these great products that they have.

    Kurt: Here we have a hole in the tin and you can see how water is pounding up, we have actually cut a little hole, so if this were a homeowner say around a skylight or chimney or whatever, we can take this product and actually draw a bead of the product, plug the hole and now over the next several hours, the product will set up, but the fact is that the leak is now repaired. Okay, so we are in the middle of the rain storm, there is no more leak, the homeowner is happy, the contractor is happy because now he looks like a hero and he has solved the customers problem without having to wait till the rain stops. So it's a fun product to sell and promote because of what all it does, we are the only company that makes a metallic color in this, so we can go into metal roof application. There it is, it's versatile as a gum in terms of casting and ceiling.

    Host: Well, thank you very much for demonstrating, it looks like a great product. Kurt: Thank you. Bye.

    Host: So, now we are talking to Jack who is from RHEEM and one of the things that we have seen throughout the whole show is a lot of greener products. So what can you tell me about this Tankless Water Heater and how it can save you money?

    Jack: The main advantage of a tankless water heater is, it's an endless supply of hot water. Along with providing an endless supply, it will reduce the operating cost of a conventional plain type gas fire water heater. You will save approximately 20-25% a year in operating cost by using a tankless water heater. The luxury that you have with tankless water heater is you can install it indoors or outdoors, you have a lot of flexibility on where they can be located.

    Host: Great and thank you very much for telling us about it. Jack: You are welcome. Host: So now I am here with Yasik (ph) from Paslode and can you tell us little bit about this new product you have?

    Yasik: Sure, well this here is our CF-325, thats our latest Cordless Framing Nailer. Traditionally a Paslode tool you needed a fuel cell to prepare and click on it and then line it up inside the tool, this one, you don't have to do that. You take it right out of the box, drop it in and you are ready to go and the way the tool works is you push down, to start the tool as fast as you can push and pull the trigger. Host: Alright, so now we are here with Rick. He is from the Screen Tight Company. Can you tell us a little bit about your company, about your product? Rick: Sure. Our company is based out of Georgetown, South Carolina and we have been making screening systems, porch screening system for 15 years. It's a nice little weekend project type of thing to screen in your screen porch, make it nice and comfortable for the spring and the summer to be out there and not being bothered with the insects.

    To get started, you would just push the screen into one of the edges and then start rolling. Just take your time, stretch your screen, you will come back over with your base and your base has two legs on the back of it, which fits into the grooves on the back of the channel of the base. The cap has the two little legs here, so just come back and pop that on. This comes in four colors. But most of what we sell is white. Host: Wow! It looks like a pretty simple process. Rick: it's very simple, it will not rot. You don't have the splitting and the cracking of the wood back and strips as you would with some of the older wood systems and you don't have to worry about painting, you can paint all over your screen and it keeps the screen nice and tight, Screen Tight. Host: To see more products from the 2008 Baltimore Remodeling Show, visit monkeysee.

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