Remodeling Show 2008 – Part 3

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The National Home Remodeling Show in Baltimore, Maryland, hosts hundreds of suppliers from the modeling industry that show off their latest and greatest products.

    Alec: Hi everybody, I am standing outside the 2008 National Home Remodeling show in Baltimore, Maryland where hundreds of the suppliers from the remodeling industry are here to show off their latest and greatest products. Now this show is not open to the public, so we are going to take you inside with us as we scour the floor looking for cool and innovative products that you can use in your next remodeling project. Come on in.

    We are here with Tom, who is from Sterling, and can you tell us a little bit about the Sterling Company?

    Tom Bartenstein: Well, Sterling is a full-line fixture manufacturer for both the kitchen and the bath; we are part of the Kohler Company, we are another brand of the Kohler Company. We are essentially above the opening price point to mid; Kohler takes over mid to high and then when we have a grand luxury brand called Kallista, so, kind of, three brands to serve different needs in the market.

    Alec: Great! So, tell us about this new toilet you have.

    Tom Bartenstein: Well, this is Sterlings new Karsten toilet. The Karsten and Rockton are two toilets in our line that feature a dual force technology. Its essentially a twin touch actuator where youve got an option for 0.

    8 liquid flush or 1.

    6 gallons for solid waste; so its very intuitive, the smaller button and the larger button. A great way to save up to 6,000 gallons of water for a typical family of four over the course of the year, compared to 1.

    6 gallon toilet.

    Alec: So now we are here with Chuck who is from Vytex Windows. And can you tell us a little bit about this brand new window that you have.

    Charles R. Scalzott: Vytex is a forward thinking window manufacturer; everything we make is custom, we are very much energy efficient oriented. This particular window is our Heritage window. Heritage window is only available as a Low-E energy efficient product and you cant buy clear glass in this window. This is a brand new option we are offering, this is a real wood laminated to the interior; you can have custom color to the exterior which is extremely popular today. The other thing we have offered with this window is prior to coming up with version, this is how you would do a window with a circle top. As you can see, weve eliminated molding (ph) bar and now we bend the entire frame in one continuous loop as we do the sash. So now, you can really add an awful lot of artwork to the window, thats still very much energy efficient.

    Alec: Later at the Delta Faucet Company, Justin gave us an inside look at one of Brizos new innovations.

    Justin McCarthy: This is the Bellow (ph) faucet that we have come out with. One of the functions that you are going to see on the bottom here -- the one here is this -- the one function that handles the spray and the stream, thats what this button will do and in addition you will have another button; another two functions which will allow for volume control, you can reduce the volume all the way down and then eventually when it comes to the bottom it will stop the water flow, which is the pause function, that allows you to move the wand away from the sink without coating everything else.

    And then when you are ready to return the faucet back, you can just let go with the button and then in addition to that, you will see our magnet docking technology that you will see there and what that allows us to do is for this just to capture itself right back up there without having to twist and lock it back in to place.

    And what weve done is we have our strand with this cartridge, which has some components that are Diamond coated on the inside which allows us to be a little bit different from the competition and also advance the lifetime of our faucets as well. We have it up to millions of cycles that it will last before you should even have to be concerned with it and in addition to that you have -- we have some led-free waterways on the inside.

    So, thats where the technology that you will see on the inside and then the latest and newest from Brizo brand of faucets.

    Alec: Then we met with Lindsay from Porter Cable to discuss their new line of products.

    Lindsay Reinbold: Porter Cable, I mean, it is an established brand. We have a whole lineup here today of all kinds of cordless tools available. We also have a full line of corded; they are going to be available as well, but today we are just here to demo some of the cordless stuff.

    Alec: Great! So, can you show me a little bit about some of that?

    Lindsay Reinbold: Yeah! Definitely, this is our 18 bolt lithium drill driver which is awesome as this weighs less four pounds and I want you to feel it and how lightweight it is?

    Alec: Wow! Very lightweight.

    Lindsay Reinbold: But it is great for overhead applications, it will get into tight spaces and it will just really be that compact tool that you can need, but whats really great is its battery is interchangeable. Basically, the two drills, lithium and NiCad will run of off either battery. So now I have got the Lithium battery on the NiCad drill, works great or you can swap from the saw on to a drill. Again, lithium or NiCad saw/drill its all in our stable.

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