Remodeling Show 2008 – Part 4

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The National Home Remodeling Show hosts hundreds of suppliers from the modeling industry that show off their latest and greatest products.

    Host: Hi everybody, I am standing outside the 2008 National Home Remodeling show in Baltimore, Maryland where hundreds of the suppliers from the remodeling industry are here to show off their latest and greatest products. Now this show is not open to the public, so we are going to take you inside with us as we cover the floor, looking for cool and innovative products that you can use in your next remodeling project. Come on in.

    So we are here right now with Bryan from Lumber Liquidators and he is going to tell us about the current trends for hardwood floors.

    Bryan Moreno: Well, these are the bamboos here, these are getting extremely popular, they are really good for the environment because they re-grow every few years and they can be cut and then or say re-grow after that. You have three basic types, you have your vertical cut, your horizontal cut and your new stranded which are actually as hard as oak. A lot of the other ones are not as hard as oak and I think that is a misconception in the public sides, because of what other vendors claim and we also have a new stained line and enhanced white as well. You can see how the wood is textured.

    These are getting very, very popular as wellHost: So we are here with John, he is from Marvin Windows and Doors, he is going to tell us a little bit about this new window that they have.

    John Taylor: I want to introduce you to the new Marvin Window and Door ultimate replacement casement window. It has a lot of new unique features about it. It is unlike most casement windows and that we do incorporate the unlock position or to disconnect the sash from the roto mechanism, you just push down on the roto operator and you pull the window and slide the window over and the sash rotates a 140 degrees to the interior, so you are able to clean this window from the interior.

    Host: We spoke with Tom from Tamko to introduce us to their new line of building products.

    Tom: We are introducing here at the show our new colors starting with our golden oak, thunderstorm grey and what you are standing on here is our cherrywood. To the backside, we have got our classic collection which have been out for quite sometime with cedar, weathered wood, redwood and grey.

    Host: Okay, great and what is special about this line?

    Tom: Tamko comes in 12 foot lengths, 16 foot lengths and 20 foot lengths, a wide variety of colors. The beauty to evergreen truly is its ability to replicate that of natural wood rated in by consumer reports as the number one quick pick, also recognized as being a very sturdy and stiff product, so you are not going to get a lot of bounce or a lot of sagging like some of the other composite materials that are out there in the market.

    Host: Now we are talking with Karl who is from Simple Man Products and what can you tell us about this product that you have here?

    Karl Ross: Well this is an unique product for unique consumer or contractor the sanding drywall and they want dust in their house. This is called the hook and loop. So when you buy this particular pad, you can put this on a orbital sander, that hooks up to a shop vac like we have here and you can sand dry wall with no dust and it does not tear the sheetrock like few. So it is something that every homeowner I think should buy.

    Host: Yeah, then Nick from Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products gave us a demonstration on their new line of aluminum brackets.

    Nick Schnomison: This is a basic section of how we strength our brackets. You got your aluminum here, you got your Lunar bracket here, you got your post, so if you are consumer and want to install this product on your own, you can see this is the basic section out of self because the rail itself is designed to be self and so. So you got your post, you got your brackets, you got to install it, basically put your four screws in place, one, two, three, screws into your post after you slide in. First of all, you got to put your sleeve in so it is going to be covered from the wood. The next thing is you slide the rail in place, so make it may get exactly like here so pushing down the rail, poles in place, snaps in, screw, screw and then that is basically how it is installed and in the very end we add all the pickets in place, and you cover in and there you go.

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