Removing Coffee from Carpet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Textile car expert Christopher Myers demonstrates how to spot clean a carpet, including how to remove coffee from carpet.

    Christopher Myers

    Christopher Myers is the founder and Chairman of the textile care company Christopher’s, Inc. Christopher’s specialty is in the care of maintenance of high-end textiles. Christopher has studied the science and art behind fabric protection and effective cleaning and spot removal since 1992 when he conceived of the idea of a company that could offer true comprehensive long term care of carpets, upholstery and rugs used in or outside of the home. Today, his client list includes the Who’s Who of Washington’s political and business worlds. Christopher has been invited to give textile care presentations to the area’s top designers, whom he considers partners in creating and maintaining the aesthesis of client’s homes. He holds numerous certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC) and has become a recognized Senior Textile Inspector.

    Chris Meyers: Hi! this is Chris Meyers from Christophers Incorporated in Merrifield, Virginia, and in this clip we are going to talk about spot cleaning coffee, safely spot cleaning coffee from carpeting.

    So, we have a carpet here and what we are going to do is just pour some coffee on to the carpet and let it soak in. The best time to get to a spot is right when it happens, so if you have a towel that you could just drop right on to the spot and absorb as much of it out as you can, thats the best thing to do to start.

    We dont have that kind of luxury or simulating that we dont have that luxury today, so we are going to get our clean white absorbent towel and we are going to blot as much of the coffee from the carpet as possible. So, we are just going to move along and as we move along we are going to move the towel, so we are not blotting at the same place, but we are doing this very deliberately across the top edge of the towel, and the reason is we want to see how much we are removing as we go along. So, our spill kind of spread out, which is a very life-like, so as spills often go all over the place and if you can see on the towel here we have a lot and it starts to become less and less here. So, I see like most of it soaked in here, so we are going to blot down here again some more.

    Again, just moving across the spot, so there is something here. Yeah, thats looking pretty good.

    So, at this point we can set aside this towel and we are going to apply our detergent to the spot, the coffee spot. So, we are just going to apply, you want a detergent that is again specifically made for your type of carpet or rug. Next, we are going to take a clean white towel and we are going to do the same thing, we are going to blot our detergent from the carpeting.

    You want to work from the outside in, or across actually is fine when you are blotting it this way, but -- you can see other side, so again I dont know if the camera shows this, but there is a little bit of coffee color there, but not very much at all.

    Now, at this point we see, there is success so you see there is a little bit of demarcation here, I am not concerned about that because thats just where the detergent was left, but we are going to take the rounded edge of our spoon, a tablespoon, just a common tablespoon and in this case we are going to dress the loops up or press them up by going in between each row and just pressing them to make them stand up again, and we are going to do that both through actions. So, we are going to do it this way, and then we are going to do it this way, so we are going in here.

    Carpet fibers are much like -- well, in this case it is hair, its wool. So, imagine if you washed your hair and you didnt brush it or comb it or anything, however it was, however it dried at the time thats the way its going to be all day. Well, its the same thing, same concept. So, we want to make sure that they dry in up-right position, so that your carpet looks great.

    Now, that looks great, but, we dont want to stop here, because you see there still is this little bit of reliance, so what we want to do is, I am going to place another clean towel right on top of the spot, like so, and we will just place a heavy book on here for 12 to 24 hours just to continue that drying process to allow it to wick up into the clean towel. Thats the best thing that you can do to continue this process.

    Then, after you do this, if you still see this line or something like this, then its time to call a professional cleaner, because it may need a deep browner added to it just to help the yellowish or brownish from the coffee to dissipate, and thats it for removing for spot cleaning coffee from carpeting.