Removing the Old Car Battery

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive mechanic Scott Elbertson demonstrates basic car battery maintenance, including how to remove the old car battery.

    Scott Elbertson: Hi! I am Scott from the Automotive Service Garage in Alexandria, Virginia and I am showing you how to maintenance your car's battery. Now, that we have our cables removed and placed away from the battery, we are going to remove the battery hold-down. Now, for this we are going to need a 10mm socket and some lubrication. Sometimes these nuts and bolts are very tight hard to get out. Generally, a battery is only replaced once every three or four years in a car, therefore there bolts tend to be tight, sometimes corroded. Always remember, when you are talking these loose that some of these parts may fall away. Hanging on to them is a good idea. You don't want them to fall down into some intricate spot in your car that you can't access.

    Alright, now, we have got the battery free. Let's look around to make sure there is no interference again. The battery will come straight up out of the car. In different applications, you may need to again move items. You want to make sure that you are not going to disturb anything. A battery wrench like this works really great for getting a battery out. You can't lift them up by hand as long as you can get your hands along side. The batteries tend to be heavier, so therefore slippery, little more difficult. I'll like to use it, thus. Now, once the battery is removed you want to place it away from your work area. You don't want it close by, so that you will kick it or trip over it or something like that when you are installing the new battery. So, what we have done here is we have removed the battery cables, removed the battery hold-down, positioned the cables away and taken the battery out of the car. Now, in the next clip, we will review reinstalling your new battery.