Removing Wax from your Skis

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ted Walsh from the Washington DC Ski Center demonstrates how to remove excess wax from your skis.

    Ted Walsh

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    Ted Walsh: Now, weve got the wax on the ski, Ive let it sit for about ten minutes, you want the base of the ski to be cool to the touch, so that the base is then constricted back to its original shape, when we heated it up, we open it up and you dont want to scrape the wax, where it will be heated up, we open it up. So, let that close up and then well scrape.

    So, you want to start, tip or tail, it doesnt really matter, whatever is easier for you and you just want to start scraping this stuff off, dont be afraid, its alright to put a fair amount of pressure in and youre just going watch it peel right off the ski, just like that.

    You want to make sure you get all of this off the ski as well, dont leave it anywhere. No left over wax.

    You can sort of feel when its gone. We will give it one more when its over.

    Now, I am just going to take the excess wax off the edges of the ski. Its nice to have a good clean edge. I am just taking a little excess I found here on the tail off.

    Again, you always want to scrape the ski in a straight motion, never to the side or in circles, try and keep it consistent in the direction that you are scraping as well.

    Alright. The next step is going to buff the ski down and were going to put a little extra structure into the base of the ski and take off any extra wax that may be still left on after scraping. Once again, you want to move in a straight motion, never in circles, never side-to-side, always straight.

    Doesnt matter if you go forwards or back and youre just going to feel where there is some extra wax as you put a good amount of pressure on, youre going to catch like right here Im catching a little bit, so I am going to give a couple of extra rubs too.

    I just want to take it all off, let me give one more when its over.

    Alright. Today, I am going to finish just with my bench brush here, brush off this excess wax, this ski is going to fly.