Renting a Houseboat For Your Vacation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Gary McKechnie discovers a place where you can rent a houseboat and see what life is like afloat.

    Male Speaker: Having a good fortune to grow up in Florida and then know about places like Holly Bluff Marina where you can literally take the controls of a houseboat like this, is really extraordinary.

    Steven Moore: Well it's just so tropical and so primitive, Gary was saying that some area you can go to is just to get out of the civilization and just give rid of all your stress, that's for sure, and about as peaceful as you can possibly get, a lot of Florida that people don't realize is here.

    Male Speaker: This is so much fun, this is not something that you would do everyday, you don't climb at a tree, you don't get on the rope-swing, swinging out over the St. Johns River but right now my head is in the palm fronds, I am standing on a huge branch of an oak tree and I am about to do this.

    Sitting at the steering wheel of this houseboat, seeing the bend of the river ahead not knowing what's beyond it, that's what life is all about.