Repairing a Bad Seam in Drywall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Drywall expert Mark McClain demonstrates his top tips for repairing drywall in your home, including how to repair a bad seam in drywall.

    Hi, my name is Mark McClain. In this particular clip, we are going to show you how to fix a bad seam. This is the same mud. We are going to try to speed up the process and take care of this and ones here. In this side here you are going to feather the edges, put the mud over the bad seam and feather both sides. I am trying to get it as smooth as we can and between each coat. We put the mud on we go ahead and push really hard on one side of the knife, feather the edge. Push hard on the other side and then we are going to come right back down the middle.

    That is just the first coat. Let that dry and get hard. Well now, I am going to take a sponge with some water and start to feather the edge so that the patch don't show through on the final coat. This will take all the edge off and make it less obvious when you the finish the final coat. Just moisten the sponge. Just dab about three inches back, two, three inches. It is going to put the -- take away the edge and at the end of this we are going to show you how to do some final skimming and texturing. Let that get hard.

    Now, that we are finished with this process. In our next step we are going to show you how to fix a settlement crack.